Hello, we're Major Tom.

Who we are

Major Tom is a team of industry-leading specialists hand-picked from across the globe. We’ve been serving our partners from our offices in New York, Toronto, and Vancouver since 2000. We combine the top-level strategy you’d find at an established consultancy with the implementation and technological capabilities you’d find at a leading agency.

Made up of some of the brightest minds on the web, we humanize modern marketing, cutting through the noise to bring clarity to our clients.

Lyn Bryan
Lyn Bryan CEO
Miles Sellyn
Miles Sellyn President
Raelene Thomas
Raelene Thomas Partner | VP Operations & Finance
Lauren Pybus
Lauren Pybus Partner | VP Growth & Development
Mitchell Fawcett
Mitchell Fawcett VP Strategy
Jieun Segal
Jieun Segal VP Sales & Marketing
Darren Maher
Darren Maher Creative Director
Sydney Guenther
Sydney Guenther Group Director | Web Development
Tina Star
Tina Star Group Director | Media
Kellie Volp
Kellie Volp Group Director | Optimization & Data
Aaron Carlson
Aaron Carlson Group Director | Search & Data
April Yau
April Yau Group Director | Account Services
John Blown
John Blown Founding Partner
Chris Breikss
Chris Breikss Founding Partner

What we’re like to partner with

The Major Tom team has the grit, energy, and expertise to tackle any problem. But we’re not marketing automatons. We’re people who live and breathe what we do. We relish the opportunity to immerse ourselves in the diverse organizations of our partners and thrive on being challenged.

Major Tom employee listening in a meeting
Major Tom employee working at her desk with a blue wall
Photo of two Major Tom employees in Toronto working
Photo of Major Tom employee working at the new office
Photo of female Major Tom employee talking
photo of Major Tom director talking at a conference
Two happy Major Tom employees
Major Tom office dog Tyson
Major Tom employee at baseball
Major Tom office dog Nea
Major Tom team members at the baseball
Two Major Tom team members playing Mario Kart