Back in February, we announced that we would be relocating our headquarters and moving into a historic, renovated space in downtown Vancouver.

Now, after months of refurbishment, votes on what post-work games to have, and decisions about what color to paint the spiral staircase (bright pink), we’re happy to announce that we have moved in!

The 112-year-old building which now hosts our headquarters is not only the first heritage building in Vancouver to be converted from a warehouse into residential and commercial usage, it is a symbol of how our company has grown over the last 18 years –  and we couldn’t be prouder.

For our team of 75 cross-functional specialists (and counting), we’ve created a space that allows for collaboration, inspiration and concentration.

Our upstairs area houses the main kitchen (with two fridges – very important), a games station, and seating so everyone can hang out. There is also a shower so those who decide to bike or jog to work can freshen up. Oh, and keep an eye out for our custom built 3D Major Tom sign, though it’s pretty hard to miss.

Down the spiral staircase is where the magic happens. As you descend, you’re greeted with a view of the large open-plan area. Inspired by Steve Jobs’ redesign of Pixar’s office, this layout helps foster the cross-pollination of ideas by bringing all the different departments closer together. Downstairs is also home to three boardrooms, two meeting spaces and a secret phone room.

With access to the building rooftop, the outdoor tennis court across the road, and a bike room, our new headquarters really has it all!

But that’s enough reading. Why not see the office for yourself as John, a Founding Partner of Major Tom, gives you a tour in the above video. You may even find out where the secret phone room is hidden!