Writing about not winning an award is not the norm, but we’re not an agency that tends to follow the crowd.

Yesterday we attended the AToMiC Awards to celebrate the achievements of those within the media and marketing industries. As they put it “Spanning advertising, technology, media innovation and content categories, AToMiC winners challenge the status quo and show the way forward.”

Although we did not win the award for AI, we’re proud to have been shortlisted by such a prestigious awards organization and in a brand new category. Some may say that second place equates to being the first loser, but screw that!  We’re delighted with what our team was able to achieve for our client and the industry recognition of it.

Our Zolo submission for AI

When Zolo, a leading tech-powered brokerage, contacted our agency, they needed a solution to drive growth while further diversifying their acquisition channels. Thanks to our creative use of Google’s AI and Machine Learning capabilities, we were able to maximize Zolo’s reach on Google Ads and surpass their goal of obtaining two times year-over-year growth.

What was really fun about this project was testing out various solutions using this relatively new Google technology at the time, and seeing which ones really took off. Three out of our four hypotheses proved to be highly successful and both Zolo and Major Tom were delighted with the additional 40% increase in conversions.

One of the most impressive parts of the campaign was fully leveraging Google’s AI and machine learning capabilities to dynamically create and launch ads faster than the human brain could imagine them. This not only allowed us to create ads at scale but target a wide breadth of long tail search terms that would simply have been impossible to achieve had we conducted the campaign manually.

We’re thankful to work with such amazing clients who, along with us, are willing to push the boundaries of what’s possible; and our team who turn vision into reality.

You can learn more about the strategies we implemented and the positive results they delivered by reading our Zolo case study.