Swiss Water is a coffee company unlike any other, focused on ethically and responsibly sourcing premium coffee beans and then putting them through a unique decaffeination process.

The company supplies coffee shops, grocery stores and individual enthusiasts all over North America with some of the finest decaffeinated coffee in the world.

When it came to updating their digital presence Swiss Water wanted to create something that was as carefully crafted as their coffee is, and turned to Major Tom to build a beautiful new site that didn’t just look good but also delivered on their business objectives.

It’s all about education

We don’t just want to build you a great website, shift the needle on your SEO or get your social media dialled in. For us it’s about getting to know every aspect of your organization, about investing in the relationship so that we can fully understand where you are and where you want to go before we even begin to talk about how we are going to help you to get there.

This was particularly true of our project with Swiss Water. At Major Tom we know a whole lot about building great digital marketing platforms, but when we first started this project we knew next to nothing about decaffeinated coffee.

That didn’t last for long.

During our comprehensive discovery process our team got to know every inch of the Swiss Water organization, and that included a crash course in decaffeinated coffee. Alongside extensive workshops, stakeholder interviews and research, our team actually visited Swiss Water’s facility to learn more about their process in person.

This knowledge didn’t just help us to get to know the client, it actually informed many of the decisions that we made during the course of the project.

A holistic approach

Swiss Water has a great story and a fascinating process as the basis of their brand. And we knew that stunning visuals would be at the center of their new digital presence. We were able to facilitate a photoshoot to obtain incredible imagery and video content of SWDCC’s production facility. With that in hand, our Creative team was able to make a vibrant, visually compelling site that immerses users in Swiss Water’s brand.

But great visuals alone were not enough to create a compelling site that immerses users in the brand while also delivering on Swiss Water’s objectives.  

Instead a holistic approach was required, one that connected all of the digital marketing dots in order to create a cohesive approach to engage with customers.

On the surface, you may see a vibrant, compelling site that reflects Swiss Water’s unique brand. Under the hood, there is much more going on.

There is a focus on user experience (UX) and a commitment to user-centric design, something that reflects Swiss Water’s commitment to providing their customers with an unparalleled experience no matter where they are in the buying process.

You can see this commitment in the general ease of use of various facets of the site. Specifically, the vastly improved store locator which we implemented for Swiss Water enables users to easily browse locations based on their proximity from both desktop and mobile devices.

Alongside a great brand experience, Swiss Water needed their site to be highly visible through organic search. They attend numerous events throughout the year, so being able to rank effectively for key branded and non-branded search terms was vital. We leveraged our cross-functional team of digital specialists in order to build SEO best practices directly into the foundations of the website.

Truth in numbers

With designers, developers, UX experts and SEO specialists working in harmony from the very beginning of the project, Swiss Water’s new digital presence doesn’t just look stunning, it also delivers on objectives.

Our custom Google Analytics configuration allows us and Swiss Water to track specific metrics to ensure that their new digital presence is resonating with users and attracting new customers.

We’ve seen great results. Time on site is up, bounce rate is down, and use of the retail locator tool has soared.

Some of the highlights of the campaign to date include:

  • A 120% increase in total page impressions.
  • Bounce rate has dropped by 45% proving that the new look Swiss Water site is engaging users with great storytelling and experience.
  • To date there have been more than 130,000 uses of Swiss Water’s new store locator tool.