Sculpt your legacy with an authentic brand strategy

Building a successful brand goes beyond surface-level appeal. It demands a deep understanding of your purpose, core values, and objectives. Let's craft a Brand Strategy that resonates now and evolves seamlessly into the future.

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Do you want to be stumbled across or sought out?

If your brand lacks public trust, you lose credibility and market share. Your competitors will happily occupy this space and, without internal alignment, your team won’t reflect your culture and values.

Problems brand strategy solves

Increasing competition

If you aren't standing out, you're fading into the background. You need a strong brand identity to outperform your competition.

Unclear market position

When you lack a clearly defined brand, you risk confusing your messaging and losing your foothold in the market.

Lost revenue

Without a strong strategy, your marketing dollars will be spent trying to compete in a crowded space, instead of creating a space within a crowd.

Common questions you might have about brand strategy

We know you're leveraging AI to streamline your business - and we want to help you. 

Within our branding deliverables, we will provide recommended AI prompts to help perfect the output generative AI provides you. This includes the best way to describe your tone of voice and personas for specific marketing tasks.

Yes, but let’s dig deeper to talk about your overall goals. Are your brand foundations well defined? Is your team aligned with your values? Do you know exactly why — besides money — you do what you do?

A full branding project can take between 6 and 8 weeks depending on the complexity and depth of the project.

You’ll be provided with brand assets such as brand guidelines, messaging, and a competitive marketplace positioning statement. These can highlight opportunities within the marketplace or your organization. Once you are aligned with your brand, you will have a clear path forward.

You want to build a brand that lasts.

Are you finding your marketing efforts are scattered or ineffective?

If your branding documents aren’t authentic or don’t inspire your internal teams, then you’re wasting your marketing budget. A strong brand sits at the core of a great marketing strategy— it’s like your north star, let it guide you.

Do you find yourself lost in the sea of your competitors?

If you don’t give your customers something to believe in or align with, they will find someone who will. People don’t make decisions based on
what or how you do something — they make decisions based on why you do something.

Are you a good fit for this service?

You're willing to do some deep introspection about who you are as an organization.
You have full stakeholder alignment that brand strategy is needed.
You are eager for change.
You appreciate a collaborative approach to working with agencies.
You want to do this right, not cheap and rushed.

Ways we can help

An intimate understanding of your organization

We immerse ourselves in your business, history, and goals to create a brand that will stand the test of time.

Let us know you better
Clear brand strategy that secures your positioning and guides your identity

We define your missions, vision, values, audiences, and unique value propositions in order to establish your identity, your niche, and your future.

Take a stance
A guide to cohesive and consistent communication of your brand's expression

Once we understand who you are from your brand strategy, we define your brand expression. This includes your brand's personality and voice, and the visual persona and identity that cements your place in the market.

Make a lasting impression

They were able to distill our nebulous idea of who we are as a company and refine it into something eye catching and current.

Pher Gautreau, Soundhouse


I am 100% happy with the service we receive, and am very happy to moving into yet another project with Major Tom. I know our needs will be met or exceeded.

Roxane Leigh, Montigo

Marketing Manager

Love working with the extremely knowledgeable and friendly Major Tom team. Results are fast and effective.

Linda Poole, Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival

Founder & Creative Director

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