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At the heart of your business lies invaluable customer information. By delving into their processes, goals, and needs, you can refine your customer acquisition strategies, fostering a symbiotic relationship that drives growth.

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In order to grow your business, you need to know where your customers engage, lose interest, and exit.

Customer acquisition is a multi-phased process that is often not defined by one single customer journey. However, most companies look at their sales funnel as a one-dimensional being. In order to create lasting customer relationships, you need to examine all of the ways your audience interacts with your brand, online and offline.

Problems customer journeys solves

Low conversion rates

Customers are engaging with your brand but not following through, and you don't know where they are dropping off.

Lost business

If you don't understand your customer journeys, you're not only blind to lost revenue but inviting it.

Custom retention

If customers don't feel looked after, they'll move on. Understanding your journeys should be part of your customer service efforts.

Common questions you might have about customer journeys

To start, you should have one each for your top three personas or products, at least one for re-engagement and one for win backs. Your journeys should evolve as your business does, so expect to create more as you grow.

When visualizing the journey, we are partial to Funnelytics, but you can use any tool that you are comfortable with. Often, this process starts with a piece of paper or a chalkboard. Post-it notes also work well to get ideas flowing. There are customer journey mapping-specific tools like Smaply that will guide you forward.

We have many templates for customer journey mapping and can often quickly create a rough draft of your main journey, so collaboration can begin. Each tool and platform have their own customized templates which make it easier to get started.

Typically, we work with the marketing department first. However, every customer touchpoint should be explored and journey mapping is very popular with customer service teams.

You want to improve your acquisition and retention

Are you looking to reach a new customer base but don't have supporting content developed?

Customer journey mapping helps you strategize all potential touchpoints, which will lead to an outline of a content plan. Next, you can decide what information needs to be delivered when to create engagement with this new target market.

Are you lacking the time or resources to facilitate this exercise?

Time is precious — the idea of prioritizing customer journey mapping over everything else is overwhelming. Hiring a dedicated team will take 90% of this work off your plate, while still prioritizing the end result.

Are you a good fit for this service?

You have the right tools or technologies in place, like HubSpot or Klaviyo.
You have a blog or news section on your website that can be leveraged for content.
You have email marketing campaigns that are currently being sent on a semi-regular basis.
You have a social media presence and better yet, are running advertising campaigns on social media.
You see this as a collaboration. We work with, not for, you.

Ways we can help

Made-for-you customer journey maps

We will help you map out your personas and define your customer acquisition strategy through detailed customer journey maps.

Let's start mapping
Creative services to support your efforts

We can provide ideation, concepting, copywriting, graphic design, videography, and photography services to support your journeys and keep your customers in your flywheel.

Begin building for long-term success
CRM integration and detailed measurement

Once we're finished, your entire digital system will work cohesively, from advertising campaigns to customer acquisition. We will provide tools and services to measure the effectiveness of each journey as it runs.

Let's start the journey

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