eCommerce Development

What can a team of eCommerce experts do for you?

Quite simply, eCommerce is the future of retail. As consumers shift their shopping habits online, it’s now the fastest-growing global retail market. A well-built eCommerce website can increase sales, improve your customer return rate, and generate massive ROI for your business.

As a primary or secondary sales channel for your business, an eCommerce platform provides endless opportunities for tweaks and improvements. By slightly turning the dials on traffic via SEO optimization, or decreasing cart abandonment through CRO, you can work with our team to ensure you continue to extract value and revenue.

Laptop showing a fashion ecommerce site

Our process

Each eCommerce project brings its own nuances. With hundreds of websites under our belt, our team knows the key questions and considerations to surface during the initial stages of an eCommerce project. Even if you’re not sure of which eCommerce platform is the best fit for you, we can extract the information required and make a recommendation for you going forward.

We augment our standard design and development process, to include some specific eCommerce activities, such as designing a cart to fit the platform selected and working with your team to ensure smooth integration with all of your internal platforms, including ERPs and POS systems.

Once a site goes live, it’s time to dig into the data. There is endless opportunity to make tweaks, propose hypotheses, and run experiments – all with the goal of maximizing your ROI.