Crafting your digital strategy for sustainable growth

It's more than just platform performance. We explore your business goals, marketing history, and untapped brand potential.

Digital Strategy final

Without a strong digital strategy, your business can't grow.

Building a business means driving sales and curating high-quality leads. If your marketing efforts are falling short, your revenue will suffer. You need a cohesive plan that evolves alongside your changing business needs. You need a lead-driven, profit-forward map to guide you.

Problems digital strategy solves

Lost revenue

Losing revenue without clear reasoning is a sign of an ineffective process.

Channel management

Stagnant or neglected channels can plateau your ongoing digital efforts.

Stunted growth

If you're starting to lose faith in your marketing, it's time to rethink your strategy.

Common questions you might have about Digital Strategy

We will tell you what channels to target, provide tiered budget options, and outline the scope of execution.

We always provide value-based pricing, tailored to your scope of engagement.

Digital success isn't as simple as 1+2=3. You need to understand why and how certain tactics will work for your business; now and in the future.

We can offer insights on existing strategies to help you better meet your goals. We will also look for opportunities for improvement to help you continue to grow.

You're probably here for a reason.

Are you noticing a lack of connectivity between your digital marketing efforts?

You've spread yourself too thin by being active on every channel–by overextending yourself, you reduce the return on your efforts. Likewise, expecting a single person or a small team to execute on every channel is unrealistic. The digital sphere is integrated, not isolated.

Are your digital gains slowing down considerably?

It may be because your sales team is spending less than half of their time selling and the rest of the time wasted in manual processes. You need a stronger understanding of automation, tracking, and customer journeys.

Are you a good fit for this service?

You're a business with at least a medium level of digital sophistication.
You need a new perspective to achieve the growth you know you're capable of. 
You want us to provide strategy in paid media, website analytics, and paid or organic social. 
You've experimented on various channels but you don't have a clear strategy connecting your efforts. 
You appreciate a collaborative approach to working with agencies.

Ways we can help

Defined business objectives that create a path forward

You can't move forward if you don't know where you're going. We'll help you build a plan that grows alongside your business.

Take the first step
A more efficient sales team that can close deals faster

Your sales team will know how to leverage your CRM and sales tools efficiently, write emails that customers open, and use modern sales strategies.

How we can help
Delivery of trackable business value

We work with you to ensure every decision-made is a benefit to your business.


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Major Tom has been my go-to for Google Ads, Website SEO and online marketing strategy for over 10 years. They know all details from start to finish, the tips and tricks out there to get your company visible.

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Wonderful partners for digital advertising. Their strategy aligns with larger business goals and they communicate regularly.

Carolyn Philips, Roller Rabbit

Vice President of Marketing and E-Commerce

Major Tom are always being pro-active and giving strategic advice around how you can improve what you are doing and grow your business.

Lisa Hurlbutt, Arts Umbrella

Senior Director, Marketing and Communications

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