Ecommerce development: Your platform for growth

Your journey towards exponential growth begins with the right foundation. We create eCommerce platforms grounded in an intricate understanding of your brand, fostering sustained growth, and driving consistent, long-term revenue.

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If your returns are falling short, you need to upgrade your selling system.

Your eCommerce site shouldn't need constant manual attention. If you're wasting time reconciling each individual sale, you won't have time to grow your business.

Problems eCommerce development solves

Declining revenue

Without a strong, automated system you miss out on ongoing sales and risk losing your customer's trust.

Stunted growth

If your eCommerce site is no longer converting at the rate you need it to, you may have outgrown your existing platform.

Lost resources

Overcoming the limitations of your technical system means manual work and wasted internal hours.

Common questions you might have about eCommerce development

Our eCommerce sites range from $120k-250k, depending on your existing assets and individual needs. Shopify stores can be done at a lower price.

Learn more about the different pricing of websites.

The process can span anywhere between 3-12 months. The timeline will be dependant on the scope, size, and intricacy of your vision.
We build primarily in Shopify and WooCommerce, but we are platform agnostic and open to working in new spaces.

It's important to remember your eCommerce site is only one piece of your digital puzzle. In order for it to truly function at its best, you should consider other services such as paid advertising, email marketing, customer journeys, UX, and content marketing strategies.

You want to maximize your online sales.

Do you feel your eCommerce growth is plateauing and don’t know what to do about it?

Your eCommerce website is the engine that makes your entire online sales business run. If it isn't seamlessly integrated with all of your marketing and operational tactics, you won't see the results you're looking for.

Are you experiencing technical issues due to a patchwork platform?

You may have started your eCommerce business with in-house resources, but your initial site likely wasn't built to grow. You need expert support to build a scalable framework.

Are you a good fit for this service?

You are already selling online effectively on other channels, platforms, or current eCommerce site.
You are comfortable using a variety of tools to help optimize eCommerce performance.
You have good visibility into your eCommerce performance but aren't sure how to improve it further.
You appreciate a collaborative approach to working with agencies.
You provide constructive feedback.

Ways we can help

A fast, high-performing eCommerce website

Your new site is built to maximize your returns by leveraging integrations and marketing automation.


Super-boost your eCommerce sales
Scalable sales, marketing, and retention funnels

We'll take care of the setup, configuration, and paid channels to ensure your entire eCommerce system is set up for long-term growth.

Let us help
A clear strategy to execute your goals

You'll be equipped with a clear plan to guide you through the channels, platforms, and tactics needed for improved returns.

Take the guesswork out of your success

Our team at Major Tom are knowledgable and incredibly talented at what they do.

Carolyn Philips, Roller Rabbit

Vice President of Marketing and E-Commerce

Their willingness to improve our performance is next-level in terms of service.

Lucinda Betteridge, Loeffler Randall

Ecommerce Manager

Our organic traffic increased dramatically in the first year and continues to climb. The dealer/distributor usage of the site has also more than tripled!

Roxane Leigh, Montigo

Marketing Manager

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