An eCommerce strategy for unstoppable growth

Your eCommerce presence is a powerful asset. At Major Tom, we refine and enhance your existing setup, helping you identify lucrative channels, streamline processes, and maximize your ROI through tailored strategies.


A lack of strategy can lead to fragmented revenue streams and a digital engine that isn't optimized for returns.

In eCommerce, digital marketing is often the foundation of acquisition and engagement. If that foundation is incorrect or ineffective, it doesn't realize the potential of your business.

Problems eCommerce strategy solves

Revenue drivers

You need to look beyond your storefront to understand what influences your revenue.

Platforms and infrastructure

Are you using the right eCommerce platforms to meet the needs of your customers?

Lost sales

Your digital activity can help you find where your sales have plateaued or dropped off completely.

5 steps to improve your marketing ROI

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Common questions you might have about eCommerce strategy

The first step is to look at your channels and see how they are impacting your sales. We'll review your website, social presence, paid media, and email flows to find out where improvements can be made.

Pricing differs between businesses and depends on the breadth of services you need. Our team can create a tailored quote for you before we start working together.

We are platform agnostic. Shopify and Woocommerce are our core eCommerce platforms, however, we will discover which will best serve your customer's needs.

It depends on your business. In our discovery process, we'll give you a detailed look at your platform options and create a strong process to guide you. Take a look at our Amazon page here.

You're here to make improvements.

Are you currently seeing a drop in performance within your eCommerce store and not 100% sure why?

It's likely your business is growing past your internal capabilities and expertise. This is ultimately good news. With the added benefit of our expertise, you'll get back to positive returns in no time.

Do you have the desire to move into eCommerce, but lack the knowledge to execute or start the process on your own?

You understand eCommerce is the future of shopping, but you just don't know how it works. Perhaps you're in an industry that traditionally focused on other ways of making sales. But now, you're seeing your competitors succeed in this field and you're ready to step in.

Are you a good fit for this service?

You're brand new to eCommerce and need to start from scratch.
You're an existing eCommerce business that have now maxed out your expertise.
You're looking to create a holistic, always-on strategy to grow your business into the future.

Ways we can help

Channel and platform guidance

You want to be efficient in your approach. We'll help you find out where to concentrate your efforts and give you the tools you need to be successful.

Show me how
Tactics for continued growth

Your team will learn how to implement our tactics and continue to build on them, far into the future.


Work with us
Strategies to drive more sales

We work with your team to improve your processes across the board, ensuring long-lasting sales growth and interstellar ROI.

Let's get started

Our partnership with Major Tom over the past year has been critical to our growth.

Carolyn Philips, Roller Rabbit

Vice President of Marketing and E-Commerce

Their willingness to improve our performance is next-level in terms of service.

Lucinda Betteridge, Loeffler Randall

Ecommerce Manager

I am 100% happy with the service we receive, and am very happy to moving into yet another project with Major Tom. I know our needs will be met or exceeded.

Roxane Leigh, Montigo

Marketing Manager

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