Amazon Consulting

Amazon consulting can show you opportunities within your eCommerce strategy.

Amazon is an eCommerce giant. Widely known as one of the most user-centric platforms for fast and easy online purchases, Amazon boasts monthly traffic in the hundred-millions. Now, many users search for a product on Amazon before Google.

Whether you use multiple channels or are looking to use Amazon as your brand’s sole source of eCommerce revenue, it should be an essential part of your overall marketing strategy plan.

Want to make sure you’re on the right track? Learn about our Amazon Seller Account Health Check on The Tin Can. Otherwise, scroll down to learn more about our process for larger projects.

Phone screen showing Amazon seller site.

Our process

Our consulting services for Amazon are comprehensive, and include competitive analysis on content and pricing.  If it’s a newer product or product that is not converting at an acceptable rate, the first step is to determine where the problem is, whether that be in the category, content, pricing model, or even the product itself. Once determined, we’ll work with you to make any required changes.

Need product listings? Our Amazon team will take care of titles, key features, descriptions, enhanced branded content, storefront, keywords, and optimize it to rank organically in search results. Your use of images and videos is vital on Amazon, and our team can consult on what to use and why.

Keyword research will be conducted and implemented for your product listings. Sponsored Product can be created campaigns to both advertise and discount the products through promotions. Reviews, inventory management, and support with logistical and shipping issues are areas of expertise for our team, as is email marketing to develop repeat business. Reporting is conducted weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly depending on your needs.