Social Media

Why does it matter to make an impact on social media?

Social media has connected institutions and individuals in an unprecedented way. Before, brands had to rely on one-way brand messaging and hope whatever they said resonated. Now, audiences are no longer passive. They want to interact with your brand online, have a conversation, and understand who you are.

People use social media to get to know brands on a personal level, using your feed as a barometer for trust. Your audience uses social media to decide whether or not they buy into your brand—and your strategy needs to reflect that.

Scaleable for both large and small businesses, a social media strategy can be executed across all funnel stages and measured with analytics and reporting.

Our process

Social media strategy begins with a comprehensive look into your organization. Your brand, your goals, and the best way to reach your audience are all considered. Combining organic tactics and paid social media advertising, we create an encompassing plan to reach the right audience for your brand. With paid social media campaigns, we can target specific audiences likely to convert, driving your brand awareness and consideration. Your organic content supports this conversion, giving your audience a second reason to love your brand.

Then, we execute on our strategy. By employing content marketing best practices for both paid and organic content, you can instill trust in your audience, creating brand affinity.

By tracking and optimizing ongoing campaigns, we make adjustments as necessary to keep performance where you want it. And, with regular reporting, you always know how your social media platforms are performing.