Boost growth with strategic paid media campaigns

Surpassing your campaign goals takes research, tools, and key partnerships. Let our seasoned team navigate you to success, ensuring your message resonates with the right audience precisely when it matters most.


Poor ROAS from paid media can have you questioning whether this type of advertising works for your business.

If you're spending time and budget on the wrong audiences, in the wrong channels, with ineffective creative and poor data, you won't see results. You need to swap your tactic-first approach for a data-driven strategy to generate positive returns.

Problems media buying solves

Diminishing ROI

If you can't correctly attribute your conversions, you don't know what success looks like.

Job performance

High-cost campaigns with low returns leave you unable to achieve your marketing objectives.

Loss of confidence

Your budget may be allocated elsewhere and you lose the ability to tap into important markets.

Common questions you might have about paid media

We have access to Comscore, Nielson, and DB360 which many smaller agencies may not have. Leveraging these tools allows us to gain unparalleled insights into market trends, audience behaviors, and detailed campaign analytics, ensuring our strategies are data-driven and highly optimized.

This will be determined by the media research based on your objectives and audience. Under our recommendations, you might see: paid search, paid social, video platforms, direct buys, programmatic, and out-of-home.

We'll help you choose channels and formats that best resonate with your audience. We can work with your creative team or you can leverage ours.

Our team of strategists will continuously run account optimizations, including bid adjustments, budget shifts, creative or landing page tweaks, and A/B testing.

We provide an in-depth quality assurance process, including a full review of all account settings, with ad previews provided prior to launch.

You'll be equipped with real-time custom dashboards for all your accounts, which provide full transparency of performance and spend.

You're looking for a fresh strategy.

Are you wondering why your ads don't drive results?

Your team may be lacking the time, resources, and experience to optimize your media campaigns. This can lead you to run media spend on the wrong channels, or target the wrong audiences.

Are you unable to see your returns or unsure how your channels play into your goals?

Your analytics tools may not be set up optimally. You may not even be reviewing the right metrics. You need to better understand your industry benchmarks and prioritize your reporting.

Are you a good fit for this service?

You've run paid ad campaigns in the past but haven't seen adequate returns.
You're open to testing new channels, landing pages, and creative.
You have clear, realistic goals and objectives that we can execute on.
You're a partner who sees us as an extension of your team.
You communicate often, honestly and hold yourself accountable.

Ways we can help

A well-researched, strategic media plan

We'll help you reach your audience and goals, across effective and efficient channels.


Let's start planning
Cross-department collaboration

We provide an integrated approach that leverages our best departments to give you high-quality creative, SEO, and data deliverables.

Collaborate with us
Accurate, real-time reporting

We make actionable recommendations, including competitive benchmarking, to ensure you know exactly where your spending goes.

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Wonderful partners for digital advertising. Their strategy aligns with larger business goals and they communicate regularly.

Carolyn Philips, Roller Rabbit

Vice President of Marketing and E-Commerce

They’re far more strategic than other firms I’ve worked with—our daily tasks all support our overall goals.

Adria Marquez, Motion Picture Association of America

Director of Digital Communications

Major Tom has been my go to for Google Ads, Website SEO and online Marketing strategy for over 10 years and know all details from start to finish, the tips and tricks (and new info) out there to get your company visible! Thanks Team!

Kalev Jaaguste, Kalev Fitness


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