Digital Strategy

What can a digital strategy do for you?

With so many ways to market your brand, how do you decide what tools to use and when? As the various aspects of digital marketing become increasingly diverse, it can be unsettling to know there are more and more tactics available, yet finite resources to pursue them.

That’s where a comprehensive digital strategy fits in. It’s about helping you figure out how to best allocate those finite resources across tactics, making the difference between achieving a marketing goal vs. a business goal.  For example, if a partner asks us to lower the cost per acquisition (CPA) of their marketing efforts, we might explore a more tactical approach. If that same partner approached us with a business challenge, we would likely employ a digital strategy project to determine the best mix of tactics to achieve that goal. By asking the right questions, we’ll get a whole new set of answers.

Need help on a smaller scale? We offer services including one-hour strategy consultations, twenty-hour sprint projects, and more on The Tin Can.

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Our process

It starts with your goals and an assessment of the best way to achieve them. At first, a thorough examination of the current state of knowledge, including your current marketing efforts and understanding of customers and competitors. Armed with this knowledge, we then explore all the different possibilities that would lead to achieving your goals. We create a strategy: a list of recommendations, channels, platforms, activities, and projects to be executed. The result is a clear, actionable plan of your budget, tactics and effective timelines.