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The future of the internet is here. We're ready to help you bridge the gap between web2 and web3 with attention-grabbing campaigns that excite your global audience.


Don't let your brand get left behind.

Being slow to adopt new technology means your competitors are a step ahead. Not to mention, a lack of innovation can hurt your business. Be first-to-market in the metaverse and beyond by taking an innovative approach to new web3 activations.

Problems web3 solves

Lost PR

If your competitors are first-to-adopt, you lose important media coverage. Get your NFT project launched first and win.

Indistinct brand

Have trouble differentiating your brand? Stop playing it safe and start making an impact in web3. We're a metaverse company that can help.

Lacking innovation

Online, innovation is the name of the game. If you can't keep up you'll get left behind.

Common questions you might have about web3

Not exactly. Web3 continues to evolve, but it’s important for brands to assess whether they can build the right brand experiences for their audience. As a metaverse company, we can help you understand the web3 market for your brand and take a strategy-first approach to the space.

Our philosophy with NFTs is that they are part of a larger marketing objective that supports the long-term staying-power of a brand. We're picky about who we work with in this space, but we're happy to discuss your NFT project and the options available.

Not necessarily. Web3 is likely to exist alongside web2 for quite a while. Making sure your brand remains consistent across all web formats and leveraging their unique environments is the best way to drive business growth. As a Metaverse company, and marketers at heart, we can help you achieve this. Lets chat about your metaverse and/or NFT project.

You're looking for a way to break new ground

Are you feeling lost in a sea of innovative competitors?

Demand is high for metaverse content and NFT collectibles. The brands that are slow to adopt risk getting left behind. You need an experienced metaverse company who can help you do it right from launch to landing, to ensure your brand puts its best meta-foot forward.

Are you unsure if you can secure leadership buy-in?

If you're reading this you're likely an early adopter, but we know it can be difficult for leadership to understand the ROI of new endeavours. We can help you prove the long-term value of NFTs and the metaverse, and communicate the opportunity to shape the evolution of this space.

Are you a good fit for this service?

You're looking to be known as a digital leader.
You have full stakeholder alignment that entering web3 is needed.
You understand the commitment and budget needed to reach a new market.
You appreciate a collaborative approach to working with agencies.
You're open to testing new ideas, channels, and creative.

Ways we can help

Powerful campaigns that support business goals

We're here to bridge the gap between your web3 and web2 experiences and strengthen your positive brand reputation for years to come.

Build a brand that lasts
Fully integrated digital team
Our team of marketing experts includes NFT influencers and metaverse developers (TerraZero) that can bring even your wildest ideas to the web. If you're ready to dream, we're ready to listen. Bring your dream to life
Making the impossible, possible
Tech can be complicated and full of unforeseen hurdles. Our experience and trusted partners in the space will help you concentrate your efforts and optimize your results. Take a strategy-first approach

They were able to distill our nebulous idea of who we are as a company and refine it into something eye catching and current.

Pher Gautreau, Soundhouse


I am 100% happy with the service we receive, and am very happy to moving into yet another project with Major Tom. I know our needs will be met or exceeded.

Roxane Leigh, Montigo

Marketing Manager

Love working with the extremely knowledgeable and friendly Major Tom team. Results are fast and effective.

Linda Poole, Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival

Founder & Creative Director

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