Tire Streets

About Tire Streets

Launched in 2018, Tire Streets is a tire supply company that started by catering to Drifting enthusiasts. To continue growing while maintaining a meaningful connection to the motorsports community, the brand wanted to identify and engage with other emerging audiences in Drift, Track, Off-Road, Rally, and Performance while welcoming even more Enthusiasts. They needed the right messaging, USPs, and brand to resonate with fellow fans.

The Challenge

Tire Streets was already known for quick service, reliable shipping, and affordable, high-quality tires. But as their presence grew, so did their audience. Their original branding needed a tune-up to better connect with a larger, more diverse customer base, spread across multiple motorsports niches — while embodying their goal of making motorsports more approachable and affordable for the whole community.



The Solution

We began with extensive research: customer interviews, a deeper dive into the industry, and a workshop with the Tire Streets team. This helped us identify a major opportunity for the brand. Six distinct audiences, all within their own needs and interests, and all within the motorsports community. Rather than a single approach, Major Tom developed an updated brand architecture, including refined messaging to better connect with each audience.


Still, we needed a single look and feel to embody all six groups, building on Tire Streets’ connection to the community. Major Tom assembled a new color palette, logo, and typography, all inspired by the energy and grit of motorsports. To capture that feeling, we included a collection of rough marker- and stamp-inspired textures, paired with updated brand photography to better show off their products — and tell the stories of the people who use them.

At the end of our project with Major Tom, we had a brand manual that was beautifully put together and a true reflection of our brand. More importantly, it was highly actionable. The team at Major Tom is incredibly talented and really understood our business and brand.

Mariam Zafar, Tire Streets

Director of Distribution Sales, eCommerce & Marketing

The Major Tom team were a joy to interact with, made sure everything happened on schedule, and provided a beautiful new brand and website we were thrilled to show the world.

Mariane Lefebvre, Thinktum

Marketing Director

They were able to distill our nebulous idea of who we are as a company and refine it into something eye-catching and current.

Pher Gautreau, Soundhouse


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