July 29, 2022
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10 best digital marketing agencies in Vancouver

10 best digital marketing agencies in Vancouver

Have you asked yourself, how do I choose a digital marketing agency? Or which company is best for digital marketing in Canada — specifically, Vancouver?

Look no further: we’ve done the research for you, and your answers are within this blog. We’re not the type of agency that will list ourselves as number 1. You might already know we are — so we’ll focus on the agencies within Vancouver that we know, love, and trust. As industry veterans, we’re believers in the benefits of a well-matched and intentional client/agency partnership. We’re selective in who we work with — and we believe you should be too. This way, your agency can meet your needs and you, theirs. 

Take a look below to see which company is best for your digital marketing needs: 

Thrive Digital

Thrive Digital has an extraordinary reputation in digital performance marketing. In part, it comes from their excellent results with paid media campaigns but, it also comes from their company culture. Much like us, Thrive values collaborating with their clients and approaches all challenges and opportunities with an ego-less attitude. 

Thrive is specialized — meaning they will do great things for you in the paid ad campaign field; however, they are not a full-service agency.

Engine Digital

Not quite fully digital marketing but adjacent to it lies Engine Digital. They are “part digital consultancy, part design and engineering studio,” which means they can consult on your digital business strategy, ideate and develop your designs or products (both on and offline), then provide growth tools and reports. 

Jelly Marketing

Jelly Marketing is best known for their PR, though they also include social media and digital advertising as their main service offerings. One of the things we love about Jelly is that they will teach you how to do it yourself — there are no secrets with these folks. Jelly wants to see their clients succeed, and if success means you want to take things in-house, they’ll help you get there.


Popcorn works with brands of all sizes — if you’re a small business owner or a startup, these folks would be great for you. They offer strategy and consulting, social media services, content creation, influencer marketing, PR, and other digital marketing tactics.


123w solves business problems with creative solutions. They define themselves as an “independent idea & design collective.” The work 123w completes spans experiential marketing to digital campaigns. In short, they create beautiful, out-of-the-box content. 


Looking for SEO experts? Try Marwick. Even if you’re not sure you’re ready to commit, they will give you a free website report in 45 seconds — no strings attached. Marwick can take care of your PPC campaigns and create some content for you, too.


Soulpepper is another tried and trusted agency that specializes in search engine marketing, SEO and web design for eCommerce and lead generation businesses. They can help you get found online and make the most of your investment.

Idea Rebel

Idea Rebel is a full-service digital agency who have case studies on Virtual Reality, digital campaigns, and web design. They pride themselves on thinking differently, being environmentally friendly, and using technology to drive their ideas. 

Colony Digital

Colony Digital — a division of Daily Hive — is another full-service agency. They take care of everything from planning and strategy to development and creative concepting. Colony Digital works with companies of all sizes, so whether you’re a startup or a large corporation, they can help.

AntiSocial Media Solutions: A Thinking Box Company

Don’t let the name dissuade you, AntiSocial deals with social media, media, and content. They began as a scrappy startup within the last decade but were absorbed by Thinking Box in 2020 because of the great work they do. 

Put in the research before you hire

The more you know, the better prepared you are — especially when considering how to choose the right digital marketing agency. Finding the right agency first saves you a headache in the long run — firing your digital marketing agency isn’t fun, but is sometimes a necessary evil. 

Still asking yourself, “How do I choose a digital marketing agency”? Contact Major Tom for more information on which company is best for digital marketing that delivers on your business goals.

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