July 29, 2022
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9 best digital marketing agencies in New York

9 best digital marketing agencies in New York

Finding the best digital marketing agency in New York can be overwhelming. How do you choose a digital marketing agency when there are so many options? It helps to have a friend in the industry who knows.

As digital marketing veterans with a New York branch, we can recommend the agencies we know, love, and trust. And, of course, we won’t be doing anything so gauche as recommending ourselves — we’re probably number one in your hearts already. We’re big believers in a well-matched and intentional client and agency partnership. We’re selective in who we work with — and we believe you should be too. This way, your agency can meet your needs and you, theirs. 

Here are the best digital marketing agencies in New York:


A creative and digital agency, Barrel creates holistic digital strategies for their clients — meaning, much like ourselves, they can and will strategize, create, and execute everything digital marketing for you. Their product photography and eCommerce services are on-point. 

Engine Digital

Not quite fully digital marketing but adjacent to it lies Engine Digital. They are “part digital consultancy, part design and engineering studio,” which means they can consult on your digital business strategy, ideate and develop your designs or products (both on and offline), then provide growth tools and reports. 


Need performance marketing? Give Reprise a call. They have a wide range of teams dotted across the globe — wherever your audience is, Reprise can reach and connect with them. One thing we love about Reprise is its “maniacal approach to improving Customer Flow.” They’re extremely clear and upfront about the method they use, and in a sea of jargon-heavy agency websites, you’ll find it surprisingly refreshing.

The Charles

The Charles is a “full service agency focused on Strategy, Media, Design, Content, and Technology.” They operate with the mantra “One Step Further” in their minds — and you can see it come through their work. One thing we love about The Charles is their consistent and authentic commitment to not only their clients but to their creativity, too.

Huge Inc.

Huge Inc.’s website is a constant revolution and evolution of their brand — and we’re here for it. It’s a microcosm of the interesting, compelling work they do. They design with you in mind, offer integrated marketing solutions, and cover services like branding, experiential, and commerce.


Zenith is an international ROI agency. With a network of 5,000 people across 95 different markets, it suffices to say they’ve got a pretty wide reach. They create and execute advertising campaigns and strategies and offer digital marketing services like search and email marketing and event marketing.


Digitas has a big roster of incredible clients and case studies. Their services include Creative and Media Campaigns, Brand Experiences, CRM & Loyalty and Marketing Transformation. Digitas describes themselves as “the connected marketing company” and, as a global heavy-hitter, truer words haven’t been spoken.


Mindshare is another global media company with 9,300 people across 86 countries. They pride themselves on ‘modern marketing’ — their work considers the human experience of advertising. For example, their Dove campaign targets young Swedish women, finding them where they already are. It’s centred around a self-check selfie, encouraging them to check for breast cancer using a Snapchat filter.


360i’s creative work is next level. Their Oreo campaign ‘Proud Parent’ is beautifully executed with a powerful narrative. They’re dedicated to staying on top of social and pop culture trends. 360i describes itself as a “fully integrated creative and media agency that helps brands tap into shifts in culture, behavior, technology, data, and business to gain a competitive advantage.” 

Put in the research before you hire

Read reviews, take a look at past work, and ask your industry friends when considering how to choose the right digital marketing agency. Finding the right agency first saves you frustration down the road — and know when it’s time to fire your digital marketing agency.

If you want a different route, you can also go through CJAM Marketing. They have vetted over 500+ agencies and work with a partner list of 70+ as of today. They work as a Marketing Broker connecting businesses to the right marketing partners.

Still asking yourself, “How do I choose a digital marketing agency”? Contact Major Tom for more information on which company is best for digital marketing that delivers on your business goals.

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