August 7, 2018
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Every brand has a story, what matters is how you tell it | Major Tom

Every brand has a story, what matters is how you tell it | Major Tom

A well-honed narrative can connect you with your customers and bring a brand to life. So what does your story say about you?

Human beings are natural storytellers. In fact, narratives are a key part of our lives, a way through which we have made sense of the world around us for millennia.

But while we spend our lives immersed in stories, how often have we stopped to think about our own brand’s tale?

It’s strange really. After all, before we have investors, offices, staff, or even a product – one thing every company has is its story. What sets the very best brands apart from the crowd, however, is not how good their story is, but how they choose to tell it.

beer company Legend 7 website logo

We were reminded of this when Bruce Dean walked into our office and started to tell us about his idea for a new brewery, Legend 7 Brewing, which launched in Calgary this year. Alongside making great beer he wanted to build a brand that went beyond an interesting label, to forge a deeper connection between the customer and his products.

As its name suggests stories are central to Legend 7 Brewing. In fact, the company’s origins can be traced back to a rabbit hole of tales that Bruce himself tumbled down while he was thinking about creating a line of beers that aligned with the seven deadly sins.

During the course of his research, Bruce uncovered more and more stories centred around the number seven, alongside the various meanings humans had ascribed to it throughout history. From the Seven Seas and the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, to the seven notes of the musical scale or the Seven Sacraments of Catholicism. The number was sacred, mythical, legendary; and these were all things that he wanted to capture in his brand.

The end result is an example of next level brand storytelling. Take a stroll through Legend 7 Brewing’s site and you’ll see it everywhere from the names of the beers to the carefully scripted mythologies that accompany each product. Each beer even has a beautiful piece of illustration by artist Wylie Beckert to capture the legend behind each character.

Legend 7 beer company

The story was all there, and it was up to us to help Bruce tell it.

In creating the Legend 7 Brewing site we took this idea of storytelling to heart and built something that doesn’t just showcase the products, but actually continues the narrative.

This isn’t just an “About Us” page; it’s interactive, with elements both large and small that are designed to help the audience to discover the tales behind the products. We want people to tumble down the rabbit hole just as Bruce did when he dreamt up his idea, to learn more about the brand and to connect with it in a way that they never have with a company before.

It’s a great example of the holistic approach we take to all of our campaigns. At Major Tom we don’t just build great websites, create high performing SEO or engaging social media campaigns - we connect all of the dots of your digital marketing to ensure that our approach is as unique as your brand is.

We’re proud of all our work, but Legend 7 Brewing holds a special place in our hearts because it reminds us of the power of good storytelling. Each of us has a story to tell, what’s important is how we choose to share it.

So what’s your story and how are you going to share it?

If you need help getting started, learn more about our branding services.

Legend 7 mockup on desktop and mobile


Victoria Samways, Marketing & Brand Manager

Be both a dreamer and a doer.

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