July 3, 2018
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Making the brand [Video]

Making the brand [Video]

Going through a rebrand is no easy task.

It requires an exceptionally large amount of resources, communication, and careful coordination. So why would any company go through it?

Well, that’s the big question - why?

Before embarking on a plan to rebrand, there needs to be a strong and unshakable reason to do it. After all, it is about taking an identity that has been developed over the years (in some cases this could even be decades or centuries) and transforming it into something new.

But as daunting as the task may be, the benefits for organizations are there for all to see. A rebrand can help propel you forwards, reposition you within your current industry or shift you into an entirely new sector.


The key to a successful rebrand? Strategy.

Whether you’re redesigning your logo, changing your name, or going the whole hog and embarking on a top to bottom rebrand of your entire organization, everything starts with a well thought out strategy.

In order to build this strategy, there must be a clear understanding of what your company currently represents, where it’s currently positioned within the industry, what are its strengths and weaknesses. It also requires a clear vision of where the company wants to be and what it wants to stand for.

This requires a lot of market research, a good old SWOT analysis, internal discussions and making big decisions. Then, when the new brand starts to emerge new questions have to be answered. What does the new brand sound like? Look like? What’s its conversation style? What type of action would it be? What will people’s first response be to it? How will it make them feel?

All these questions are important and the answers to each one of them should align.

The design considerations of a rebranding strategy are just as important to, as they inform how the new brand is communicated to the world.

Consistency breeds credibility - With each design element seeping down to every piece of content and to every message, it has to have a purpose, a meaning, and it should be consistent across everything it touches.

What’s your story?

Although every rebrand should have a robust strategy in common, every rebranding story is different. Every new identity is unique, and the process through which it was created will tell you as much about an organization as the finished product.

At Major Tom, our rebrand was as much about changing our approach to the industry as it was changing our identity. To find out more about our experience watch the “Making the Brand” video below to see the story behind Major Tom.

Victoria Samways, Marketing & Brand Manager

Be both a dreamer and a doer.

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