July 3, 2018
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What’s in a name?

What’s in a name?

We didn’t set out to rebrand, but as the idea of what we were as an agency evolved, we knew that there could be no going back. But how do you change your brand without losing your identity

A new identity doesn’t happen overnight. As an agency, we knew that we were focusing on themes such as discovery, exploration, and seeing the big picture. This strategic mindset instantly brings to mind the concept of space and so we began to explore ideas related to this theme.

The problem is that we kept coming up with names that sounded like they were bands that you’d find playing at Coachella. When the partners eventually sat down to vote on our new name Major Tom was overwhelmingly the number one choice.

It seemed perfect for us, instantly bringing to mind the themes of space, exploration, and strategy that we were searching for. The fact it just happened to throw up a David Bowie reference at the same time was not a bad thing either.

But we were also conscious that it wasn’t only our decision to make, that our team had every right to give us their feedback on Major Tom, and what it meant to them. So we asked them. We tried to include as many people from the agency in the process but had to be careful not to invite too many cooks into the kitchen so to speak. So we cherry-picked a cross-section of our people and put it to them straight, asking for their honest feedback on our proposed new agency name and what it meant to them.

We got very different answers from everyone on the team but overall we were delighted by their sheer enthusiasm. They felt it was very different, bold, and it was going to raise our agency's profile on the global stage.

It’s just a snapshot into the process we went through when choosing Major Tom. Read more about our brand transition on the Glassdoor blog, where we go into depth about the rebranding process and the challenges it posed to us as an agency.

Chris Breikss, Founding Partner

Obstacles are like asteroids. Shoot 'em down and let's go to the moon.

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