Make your Amazon business thrive

Amazon is a profitable eCommerce platform if you treat it right. We use proactive strategies to impact your organic rankings and product listings, which in turn grows your revenue.


Failure to take advantage of Amazon as an eCommerce channel is a missed opportunity.

Being successful on Amazon means building a unique strategy. This can be time-consuming, both on your internal capacities and outbound efforts. You need a cost-effective, efficient, and worthwhile plan to help you grow your sales.

Problems Amazon consultants solve

Missed sales

Positive returns are only possible when your store works as its own eCommerce machine.

Product rankings

Without effective reviews and optimized product listings, your store won't convert.

Logistical issues

Your products need to be set up correctly from the start and monitored for results at each conversion point.

Common questions you might have about Amazon consulting

Setup fees can range between $2,000-$20,000. Management fees are around $3,000/month. We can give you a tailored quote before we start.

1-6 weeks for the setup and execution phase. This is depending on the scope of services requested and the number of products in your inventory.

Amazon focuses on generating the best shopping experience for customers. This is often at the expense of the seller. Occasional logistical issues on Amazon are very common, but knowing how to avoid them and how to navigate them when they arise is key.

You want to be profitable, but don't know where to start.

Are you lacking the reviews you need to list your products in Amazon's top spots?

Your product listings are lacking accurate or updated information. It's possible you've neglected available review strategies, such as email marketing, influencers, or Amazon Vine. Ultimately, this is a problem of digital management and you're going to need extra resources to execute further.

Are you constantly having inventory and logistical issues with Amazon?

You may not have enough experience with Amazon to know how to avoid these problems proactively. Maybe you just don't have the time. In order to solve them, you need better insights and a plan that is actively working with you.

Are you a good fit for this service?

Your business is currently running on Amazon and you're looking to improve your existing revenue.
You don't have the time or resources to build your Amazon store further.
Your store is running, but you aren't generating positive sales.

Ways we can help

Strategic services for stronger revenue streams

Our team has years of hands-on tactical and strategic experience on Amazon. We'll show you what to do and give you the tools to make it last.

Let's collaborate
Timelines that fit your goals

We are nimble enough to be able to provide thorough and lengthy strategies for larger organizations, as well as work in one-off batches for smaller clients.

Work with us
Increased sales within 3 months

We'll teach you how to leverage your Amazon store to improve sales across your digital system. Let us show you what we can do.

Super-boost your sales

Major Tom successfully launched and continues to maintain both Amazon Canada and the United States for our men's grooming products line.

Harrison Stoker, Donnelly Group

Vice President Brand

Major Tom has helped us overcome issues by launching our products on Amazon. They navigated us through the process and we began selling products immediately.

Sarah Jagger, Domestic Objects


I am 100% happy with the service we receive, and am very happy to moving into yet another project with Major Tom. I know our needs will be met or exceeded.

Roxane Leigh, Montigo

Marketing Manager

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