Market authentically to a Chinese audience

There are no shortcuts to an effective campaign for a Chinese audience. You need a seamless strategy built on the right insights and platforms for your business.


Your attempts to connect have floundered; you’re not sure how to make an impact.

Imitating an approach that has worked elsewhere can appear inauthentic. To succeed, you need to build your campaign with an in-depth understanding of the market, placement on pivotal platforms like Weibo and WeChat, and native language support every step of the way.

Problems Chinese Marketing solves

Cultural disconnect

Your campaigns need to drive to a Chinese page — with a cohesive aesthetic and the correct language — to keep your audience engaged. 

Missing pieces

You need insight into the available platforms and tactics to ensure that you’re on the right channels the right way.

An unknown market

Without market-specific insights and competitor research, you can’t find the right audience for future remarketing.

Common questions you might have about Chinese Marketing

Culture doesn’t really translate. To succeed, you need to adjust for this audience’s frame of reference and create campaigns that speak directly to them.

We can provide benchmarks that compare English and Chinese market campaigns, along with examples of what a successful North American Chinese campaign looks like.

Although there are similarities, you’ll face specific complexities and regulations when planning for launch. With certifications or partnerships with Sina, Tencent, and Baidu, we can help you get ahead of these hurdles for a smooth setup.

As part of your kickoff, we’ll perform an industry assessment and interview to assess your options. You'll receive a picture of your ability to comply with Chinese policies and which platforms are open to you before you decide to get underway.

You want to put your best foot forward for a new audience.

Is the Chinese Market unknown territory for your brand?

You may have a sense of the market but no idea of your first steps. An experienced agency partner helps build the foundation you need — we know the right accounts, platform contacts, and vendors to build a strong relationship with your audience.

Has your existing content failed to produce results?

Even with strong English content, a direct-translation approach can lead to underwhelming returns. You need a partner with the experience and resources for a holistic strategy, with tested advice to help your brand succeed now and in the future.

Are you a good fit for this service?

You want to reach a Chinese audience, ideally in North America.
Your previous efforts to do so (if any) haven’t shown the results you want.
You understand the commitment and budget needed to reach a new market.
You’re ready to adjust your approach to better fit this audience.
You see this partnership as a true collaboration, with room to grow.

Ways we can help

A goal-oriented approach

Success with Chinese marketing means building brand awareness, a social following, and eventually pushing sales. We’ll track success at every step of the way, with KPIs for your evolving goals.

Let's get planning
Authentic insights and recommendations
With a team of audience experts, our strategies are based on years of firsthand experience. We can also provide reporting access and insight — as data from Chinese channels is not publicly available, you'll need direct support from the vendor. Get the inside scoop
An audience base for remarketing
We’ll provide an approach to build loyalty with your audience and make them feel recognized. This helps create a foothold in the Chinese market for future remarketing. Meet your brand's newest fans

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