Brand Identity

Does your brand identity show the world who you are?

Your brand identity is the first thing people notice – it is how you look, how you feel. Done right, it gives you credibility, instills trust in your audience, and provides consistency across all channels.

Brand identity stretches past logos, and colors. It involves the visual message of your brand and the story you want to tell. Ultimately, brand identity is how your brand is perceived by the world.

After all, consumers don’t buy –they buy-in. They buy into who you are and what you represent. Your brand identity is integral to that narrative, to how you tell your brand’s story. It acts as the foundation for how you represent your brand to the world; reinforcing and complementing that message.

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Our process

Whether your brand identity simply needs a refresh or you’re looking to discover what makes you you, we can help.

To get to the core of your brand identity, we guide you through a discovery process that involves collaborative workshops and research. This phase helps you to uncover key elements of your brand which we use to define your identity.

This process will answer keys questions integral to your brand strategy. How do you want people to perceive your brand? What emotions does the brand identity need to bring out in your users? What does your audience need to feel about your brand to meet your goals?

To find these answers, our team works collaboratively with you and conducts competitor, industry, and audience research specific to your organization. Once we know what your audience’s pain points, values, and beliefs, we will know what they want.  Then, we can construct what the perception of your brand should be.

After that, the second component of brand identity is communication. Your logo, colors, typography, imagery and messaging should all communicate that perception consistently over time.