WordPress Development

What can WordPress do for your online presence?

Did you know WordPress is powering over a third of the content management systems online? It’s robust, it’s flexible and WordPress makes it easy for clients to manage their own content on an ongoing basis. Its popularity has other bonuses: its seamless integration with marketing and social tools, and consistently strong SEO performance.

WordPress can be customized to build websites for any business in any industry and can ensure a great user experience and aesthetic.  As a fully open-source platform, and with a wide range of robust plugins, WordPress is capable of almost anything and your team is likely already familiar with using it.

Person on workin on laptop wearing wordpress logo tshirt

Our process

We work closely with clients throughout the website process to ensure that not only are we building something that is going to make an impact on their users but also building a site that our clients will be comfortable performing content updates or changes on the sites themselves.

The development of a project begins with a detailed development plan and functional requirements along with deliverables from previous phases such as wireframes, design and a sitemap. During the development phase, our full-stack development team will work in collaboration with UI and UX designers to bring a site to life that is faithful to the designs.

Prior to launch, our robust QA process ensures cross-browser and cross-platform compatibility, as well as strong technical performance. Before you know it, your high-performance, user-friendly and beautiful site is helping take your marketing efforts to the next level.