Reenergize your email marketing

Configuring Klaviyo automations can be daunting, even for experienced marketers. We act as your outsourced team to tailor your messaging and maximize deliverability.


Email marketing should be a revenue generator, not a cost center.

Email is essential for keeping customers engaged in your acquisition process. If your team lacks the resources to do this effectively, it's worth investing in automation tactics that can deliver ongoing results.

Problems Klaviyo solves

Stretched resources

Email requires time, focus, and assets that are often not readily available.

Customer churn

Losing customer attention is a sign of an ineffective process.

Lost revenue

If you aren't top of mind, you're being forgotten – and that will cost you in the long run.

Common questions you might have about Kalviyo

If you are not currently a Klaviyo customer, we can expedite the account sign-up and onboarding process under our partner account.

Too often, marketing automations are out-of-touch and robotic. By hiring a dedicated team, you bring the human element back into your email flows.

We can either set up an entirely new system for you, including automations, branding, design, and messaging, or we can improve the systems you already have in place. The end result is an email system that is true to your brand and goals.

The initial setup and fix can be anywhere between a few weeks to a few months. From there, ongoing management can be delegated to your team or ours, depending on your needs.

You're ready to take your email marketing to the stars.

Are you worried your email marketing efforts aren't up to snuff?

You will be shocked at how fast we can turn your email communication around using Klaviyo. It's one of the most remarkable tools we have encountered as digital marketers in the last 10 years and we can get it generating revenue quickly for your business.

Does hiring an email marketing expert sound too expensive?

Your options are to hire a full-time employee in-house, which can be expensive and difficult to source. Or, you get a team of email specialists working on your account and campaigns who have the varied expertise you need to succeed.

Are you a good fit for this service?

You have been evaluating Klaviyo but have not yet purchased a license.
You have Klaviyo and looking to improve installation and configuration.
You have SMART goals in place or are open to collaborating on these.
You know your email marketing could be better are open to new ideas.
You see this partnership as us working with, not for, you.

Ways we can help

White glove level service

We perform the heavy lifting and do not involve you in the minutia and minor tasks related to the setup, configuration, and integration with other systems and tools.

Let us do the heavy lifting
Collaborative creative and strategic processes

We work with you to find the meaning behind your messaging, creating a cohesive system that drives sales.


Collaborate with us
Seamless synchronicity within your system

We understand that Klaviyo needs to be an integrated part of your overall digital marketing strategy and will configure social media accounts and Google Analytics as part of the program.

Ready to start?

They really understand the digital space, and they’re always up to date on the latest trends.

Brad Bissonnette, COBS Bread

VP Marketing & Franchise Recruitment

Working with Major Tom has been so important to our organization. They are knowledgeable, patient and always ready to support our needs.

Kelsey Davis, Canuck Place

Digital Communications Officer

You can trust their experts to help you navigate an ever-changing and complex environment.

Lisa Hurlbutt, Arts Umbrella

Senior Director, Marketing and Communications

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