Chinese Marketing

What can Chinese Marketing do for you?

The Chinese market is a considerable sector that can expand business and advertising opportunities, and create new revenue streams. You can tap into these markets and enhance your marketing strategies with help from our native language strategists.

By using exceptional Chinese language media buyers, Major Tom can guide you in capturing an audience of up to one billion active monthly users on WeChat, Weibo, and Facebook.  Your business can show up when it matters most with Chinese SEO and search engine marketing using both Google and Baidu. There are also highly influential Chinese bloggers and Chinese social media personalities that you can build connections with.

Our process

Competitor and audience research is an essential part of our Chinese Marketing services.  By testing to see which would be the best way to advertise to this sector, Major Tom can execute plans for advertising platforms with Chinese language ads. Our native understanding of cultural nuances and the Chinese online space translates into tangible results for your brand.