Marketing Automation

What could fully automated processes mean for your productivity?

Want to streamline your processes while still optimizing your ability to welcome, engage, nurture, and retain customers? Marketing automation delivers engaging ongoing communication to your audience by serving helpful and personalized content, providing them with a better, more thoughtful experience.

Many marketing departments automate solely for the sake of efficiency, but if leveraged fully and interpreted properly, marketing automation can give you valuable insight into your customer behavior and sales cycle.

Marketing automation’s beauty lies in its ability to shed light on where your prospects are in the buyer’s journey, what content they’ve consumed, and what web pages they’ve interacted with. It allows you to set up processes that will automatically perform tasks for you based on these interactions—with triggered emails or internal notifications to coordinate with website and sales activities.

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Our process

Marketing automation can become extremely complex, so it can be difficult to know where to start, or what tool to use. Major Tom’s process begins by understanding exactly where you are at within your automation journey, as well as what your goals are in the short and long term.

By understanding these key pieces, we can then recommend an initial strategy, which could be as expansive as complete persona development and user journey mapping, or as straightforward as a few simple workflows to improve efficiency in one area.

Whatever the size, we believe in constant analysis and optimization of all automation efforts. By doing so, we can ensure you’re getting the most out of the tool you’re using and are spending your time working on the things that matter most.