WordPress development: Built for success

Your website is the digital face of your business. Let's ensure your audience meets a brand that resonates right from the first click.


A poor website can negatively impact your business, your brand, and inevitably your revenue. 

If you’ve successfully managed to capture your user’s attention and have them visit your site, you need to make a positive impression, keep their attention, and allow them to easily find what they need. 

Problems WordPress development solves


If customers can't find you, your products, or your domain, you won't make sales.

Intuitive backend

People want to effortlessly find what they need. If your site has poor UX or is slow to load, users will become frustrated and move on.

Plugins, plugins, plugins

You need to track your leads, drive conversions, and make sure your website runs synchronously.

Common questions you might have about WordPress development

The cost of a website depends on the complexity, size, requirements, and how well you know your business, your brand, and your audiences.

Due to the level of expertise we put into building a winning website, our projects typically range between $100k-250k with the average cost being $160k.

Learn more about the different pricing of websites in this article.

It depends on execution and complexity. A straight-forward execution may be as little as a month. A complex build can take over 8 months. We always start with an in-depth research and strategy process to determine the scope of work.
A good website is never finished. We can continue to support you and your website with our monthly support plans. Our team of marketing experts can also support with follow-up campaigns, ensuring all of your channels are working harmoniously.
We will make a recommendation for a platform as we near the end of the discovery phase. Once we collect all the content and functional requirements, we’ll match you with a platform that suits your needs.

You want to drive organic leads.

Are you wondering why your audiences aren't converting?

Your website likely has too much information and it’s not following a logical hierarchy. Users don’t know where to click next to find what they are looking for. Perhaps your website isn’t optimized for mobile and information is inaccessible or cut off.

Do you feel your brand is out-of-sync with your audience?

Companies in every industry are under pressure to keep up or lose their audiences. People assume an outdated website is representative of a company that is slow or out-of-touch.

Are you a good fit for this service?

You have a clear understanding of the needs of your business and audience.
You understand that a website is a positive investment.
You want the agency to find solutions for your web challenges, not simply jump into execution.
You are collaborative and interested in the process of building a powerful website.
You provide constructive feedback.

Ways we can help

A customized approach

We'll work with you to create a user experience, design, and website that suits your unique business needs.


Let's tailor a solution for you
Access to our experts

We'll leverage our cross-department experience and give you access to our SEO, marketing, eCommerce, UX, and creative experts.

Pick our brains
Ongoing support

We can support you after the build with regular WordPress core and plugin updates, evaluating your website’s uptime, and ensuring your website is secure by implementing a CDN to monitor any suspicious activity.

We are here for you

Not only has organic traffic increased, but there has also been overwhelmingly positive feedback regarding the website’s new look.

Roxane Leigh, Montigo

Marketing Manager

Major Tom has taken us through significant website updates and I can honestly say we would be lost without them.

Kelsey Davis, Canuck Place

Digital Communications Officer

They were pivotal in achieving our vision of a mobile-first, user friendly, structurally sound, bilingual, and scalable site.

Robin Brewer, Little Potato Company

Digital Marketing Manager

Clients we believe in

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