COBS Bread

About COBS Bread

A nation-wide bakery chain, COBS Bread is known for its fresh, handcrafted baked goods. With pride in their craft, COBS Bread bakers give their customers an elevated, home-baked experience — creating an in-store familiarity recognized across the country.

The Challenge

COBS Bread was looking not only to increase sales in their stores but also to attract new franchisees. They needed help to create a digital customer journey that seamlessly connected with the in-store experience — a journey that catered to both consumers and business owners. To do this, they needed to overhaul their entire digital approach to better drive engagement with their end customers and franchisees.

COBS Bread website laptop

The Solution

We created an intertwined B2B and B2C strategy to maximize their return on investment. Their unique mobile-first website design now drives consumer demand while simultaneously generating leads for their business's franchise side. We also integrated a detailed digital strategy that included display, video, social, and paid search campaigns.

The Results

An intertwined strategy helped COBS to reach both their B2C and B2B goals. You can see exactly how well they benefited here:







Major Tom’s strategies have resulted in increased sales, more franchises recruited, better leads, and a stronger customer base.

Brad Bissonnette, COBS Bread

VP Marketing & Franchise Recruitment

They were pivotal in achieving our vision of a mobile-first, user-friendly, structurally sound, bilingual, and scalable site.

Jeanette LeBlanc, The Little Potato Company

Digital Content Manager

Their expertise and optimization have allowed us to increase our conversion rates while reducing our lead costs.

Paul Malfara, Armstrong Fluid Technology

Digital Media and Graphics Manager

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