Seneca College

About Seneca College

Seneca College is a leader in the post-secondary education sector. Operating for over 50 years, they offer degrees, diplomas, and certifications renowned for their quality and respected by employers. To stay ahead of competitors in the sector, Seneca approached Major Tom to build awareness and engagement with prospective students, driving program enrollment.

The Challenge

Seneca needed to increase enrollment in a competitive landscape. That meant reaching the right users at the right time to build awareness and drive lead generation. They needed a flexible, efficient approach to align their digital strategy across all channels and evolve with the scope of their marketing. They turned to Major Tom for strategic guidance.

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The Solution

Starting with paid search and occasional paid social seasonal campaigns, Major Tom implemented a direct-response approach as the engine for growth. Tactical and geo-targeted digital campaigns focused on driving Seneca’s target audience to specific landing pages, amplifying brand awareness, and attracting new applicants. As our partnership grew, we integrated our approach across all channels for a seamless user experience.


This included tactical improvements such as refined Google Ads targeting, improved audience and ad group segmentation, daytime and mobile bidding strategies, a robust dynamic remarketing strategy, custom landing pages focused on Conversion Rate Optimization, and the eventual introduction of programmatic ad buys. Together, these tactics maximized brand awareness, attracted new applicants, and drove users down Seneca's funnel.

The Results

Since partnering with Major Tom, Seneca's enrollment lead volume has increased substantially. They have seen:







Innovating and exploring new opportunities is integral to Seneca and our work with Major Tom aligns with this vision. There are limited fears when working with Major Tom because of their high degree of expertise in the digital space.

Lindsay Collins, Seneca

Associate Director, Marketing

Major Tom was an incredible partner in bringing this campaign to life. They supported our desire to dream bigger and imagined a campaign that resonated globally. With their experience and strategic thinking we were able to make this truly social-first to maximize our reach and connect with our audience.

Tamara Kamaka, Giants of Africa

Director, PR & Social Media

We’ve been able to grow our digital presence because of the collaboration and trust we have in the Major Tom team. Through this partnership, we’ve developed one of the most comprehensive digital media strategies in our sector.

Billy Canning, The Salvation Army

Divisional Manager, Marketing & Communications

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