January 22, 2024
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Major Tom lifts IPEX to new digital heights with Web Excellence Award

Major Tom lifts IPEX to new digital heights with Web Excellence Award

In the realm of digital innovation, the right partnership can elevate a brand to new heights. This belief was spectacularly validated when Major Tom clinched the Web Excellence Award for the best website in the construction industry, a testament to our collaboration with IPEX. This accolade not only highlights our commitment to excellence but also underscores the transformative power of digital solutions in traditional sectors.

A digital milestone in construction: The IPEX website

Our journey with IPEX, a leader in integrated piping products, was driven by a singular vision: to position their website as the pivotal touchpoint for an integrated customer journey. Faced with a dated website and internal challenges, IPEX's ambition to become a digital innovation leader in their industry was the spark that ignited our collaborative endeavor.

"IPEX came to us with an ambition to be the digital innovation leader in their industry. That winning mentality enabled us to create a website that acts as the only touchpoint for an integrated customer journey across all their market segments." - Darren Maher, Group Director of Web Services, Major Tom


The challenges: Opportunities for digital advancement

The IPEX web project presented a way to transform multifaceted challenges into opportunities for digital advancement:

  • Evolve a dated design to provide a more engaging user experience.
  • Bridging internal silos to gain a unified view of customer segments.
  • Regionalizing content to better cater to diverse market needs.
  • Overcoming limited integration with other customer journey touchpoints.
  • Updating interactive elements for broader accessibility, including mobile users.

The solution: A blend of creativity and technical expertise

“Major Tom’s deep understanding of UX and customer behaviors, blended seamlessly with our marketing department’s efforts, together it has been pivotal in crafting a journey that truly resonates with our website visitors.
This synergy of expertise and collaboration has driven innovative and effective solutions from day one. I am eager to see the continued evolution of our partnership and the IPEX website’s success." - Humara Kausar, Digital Marketing Manager, IPEX

Our approach was holistic, focusing on both the aesthetic and functional aspects of the website. 

The introduction of a 3D experience for product applications marked a significant leap, allowing users to visualize products in real-world settings. 

This enhancement was complemented by a comprehensive overhaul of the product search experience. Major Tom reorganized the website's navigation around market segments and introduced a product finder tool, streamlining the process for users to locate specific products. This not only simplified product discovery but also provided users with a clearer understanding of how they could use these products in different industries.

"To ensure success on the IPEX project, we undertook a thorough discovery process to identify shortcomings in the existing website. Employing our design principles, we crafted a website that not only addresses IPEX's business needs but also offers an optimally enhanced user experience, combining visual appeal with flexibility for future administrative adjustments. Our comprehensive 360-degree approach guaranteed that every aspect was considered, and the tech stack was carefully chosen for the best outcomes." - Demi Adeleye, Manager of Delivery (Web), Major Tom


The results: Quantifiable success and industry recognition

The transformation was profound:

  • A staggering 611% increase in contact form submissions.
  • A 152% rise in email subscriptions.
  • A 39% boost in average time spent on the page.

These metrics are a clear indicator of the website's enhanced engagement and usability. And just as important, IPEX was delighted with the project - start to finish:

“We’re happy to see that the collaborative efforts between IPEX and Major Tom have led the IPEX website to win a Web Excellence Award in the Website Construction category. The team at Major Tom are knowledgeable in their art and have been a supportive and innovative partner in the website development process from day one. We look forward to seeing where our continued partnership will take the IPEX website.” - Rachel Lu, Web Marketing, IPEX

A testament to excellence: The Web Excellence Award

The Web Excellence Awards, now in their 11th season, are a global celebration of digital mastery. With over 900 entries from 21 countries, winning this award is not just an honor; it's a recognition of Major Tom's ability to transcend boundaries and deliver exceptional digital experiences.

Take a peak at all of Major Tom's Web Excellence Award wins.

Looking ahead: Pioneering digital frontiers

This award is more than a milestone; it's a beacon of our ongoing journey in digital innovation. As we celebrate this achievement, our sights are already set on future challenges, ready to harness the power of digital to craft more success stories like IPEX. 

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Victoria Samways, Marketing & Brand Manager

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