October 24, 2023
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Major Tom's spud-tacular website wins two gold W3 Awards

Major Tom's spud-tacular website wins two gold W3 Awards


In online marketing (just like everywhere else), first impressions count for a lot. And when your website is one of the first touchpoints between your brand and a huge portion of your audience, you have to nail the details — even the little ones. That’s why we were thrilled to win Gold at the 2023 W3 awards — not once but twice — alongside our longtime client, The Little Potato Company!

Tasked with showing off The Little Potato Company’s new brand and their updated positioning, Major Tom created a new website to bring their story to life online. Its goal was to showcase their potatoes as a quick, easy, and healthy meal option for busy families, all to give them more time for the things they love.

The new site got a double serving of love itself, winning gold for both:

  • Best User Interface
  • Food & Beverage category of General Websites

Let’s explore what made it a winning recipe.


Illuminating excellence in web design

Established in 2005, the W3 Awards aim to celebrate excellence in digital creative work from around the web. Sanctioned by the Academy of Interactive & Visual Arts (AIVA), this year’s W3 jury evaluated thousands of entrants, covering some of the best work in digital marketing, social media, emerging tech, and more.

With specific standards from the AIVA for each awards category, the W3 Jury was tasked with illuminating innovation and excellence from across the industry, but also how well entrants tailored their work to its format and context.

For Major Tom and The Little Potato Company, that meant understanding how their story would come to life throughout users’ journeys on the website. 

Bringing The Little Potato Company’s story to a brand-new website

Translating The Little Potato Company’s new positioning onto their site meant focusing on compelling UX, easily accessible information, and, perhaps most importantly, creating little moments of happiness for users to discover on every page.

While Major Tom couldn’t necessarily recreate the joy of a family dinner online, we could make it quick and easy for families to get the information they need to share some tasty food with their loved ones.

To do that, we focused on three key areas:

  • Telling the story of The Little Potato Company brand — and connecting them to fun meals with the family
  • Showing off the quality of The Little Potato Company’s little potatoes, including their commitment to local farmers and sustainable practices
  • Providing quick and easy recipes, making it easier for users to prep meals the whole family will love
All while leaving room for engaging storytelling and little moments of fun throughout the site.

Bringing little moments of joy to life online 

Major Tom set about incorporating those LPC brand pillars — family, quality, and ease — into every page of the site. The “About Us” section was reworked to tell a more complete story about LPC, their values, and what sets their potatoes apart, all while keeping that family focus in the spotlight. 

By better connecting and interlinking different elements of the site, users would more easily be able to navigate to key destinations on the site, like the “Where to Buy” and “Recipes” pages for quick, family-friendly meal ideas.


To give users those little moments of joy throughout their journey, Major Tom used LPC’s “Spuddy” characters — hiding them as dynamic elements that sprout up on each page. This extra bit of fun and personality would help to surprise and delight users at every stage of their visit to the site. 

Planting the seeds of future success

While the W3 win is exciting, it’s just one piece of a long-term partnership that’s grown and changed along with the Little Potato Company’s needs.

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