September 21, 2020
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Major Tom takes home eCommerce acclaim at the 2020 Canadian Search Awards

Major Tom takes home eCommerce acclaim at the 2020 Canadian Search Awards

In light of the global pandemic, the rise of eCommerce has never been more necessary. Keeping your business afloat in a crisis means adapting to the closure of retail spaces, events, and the loss of many traditional marketing techniques. Digital sales are now the new normal and Major Tom has been working tirelessly to help you get the most out of your eCommerce strategies. Today, we’re happy to share some good news.

We are excited to announce that Major Tom is a Canadian Search Awards winner, having won the Retail/eCommerce (PPC) marketing award for our work with Roller Rabbit. This prestigious competition recognizes the best talent in PPC, SEO, and content marketing across Canada with an emphasis on creativity and strategic excellence. This award follows up our Google Premier Partner Search Excellence finalist award from 2019, where we helped Zolo elevate their paid search strategies.

All Canadian Search Awards entrants must endure a rigorous two-step judging process led by industry experts. Major Tom out-performed the competition with our record-breaking sales for Roller Rabbit, which brought in 95% more paid search revenue than even their busiest holiday season. Our campaigns also contributed to a 20% overall increase on all Roller Rabbit channels. This occurred despite the fallout from COVID-19, which brought a reduction in their media-spend budget and drastic decline in brick-and-mortar store sales.

We always strive to do better than we’ve done before. Committing ourselves to improving our skills, networks, and client relationships is at the core of every decision we make. This award is a great motivator for our team to keep learning, growing, and improving our processes. We’re always wondering, what can we do next?

Read the press release.

Championing paid search

To kick off our partnership with Roller Rabbit, our eCommerce teams got together and conducted a full data audit to help understand where the budget was working and where it wasn’t. Uncovering these numbers allowed us to cut and expand their ad strategy where needed. Thus, resulting in lasting conversions that helped their business thrive despite the circumstances.

The paid search campaign used a mixture of bidding strategies to leverage Roller Rabbit’s wide market. By closely monitoring sales numbers and adjusting bids to bring in high-quality conversions, we helped our client not only increase their sales but also attract new customers. Strategy matters!

“It was really great to see our teams come together during a crisis and put the numbers to work. By diving into the data and formulating results-based strategies, we were able to exceed the expectations of our client in a time when it really mattered.” – April, Group Director

Achieving these results in the midst of a pandemic was no easy task. This project reminded us just how impactful a data-driven approach to marketing can be. As we all move forward through this difficult time, it’s important to ask yourself: what is the data telling me?


Digital sales during a pandemic

When COVID-19 struck Roller Rabbit, like many retailers, was forced to slash their advertising budget dramatically. Our team jumped at the opportunity to get creative within the new budget constraints, strategizing closely with Alicia Fu, Group Lead of Paid Search. We also took the time to carefully restructure the campaigns. This was to ensure that our client would have a solid foundation to work with once things improved. This involved refining campaigns by expanding into smaller and more targeted ad groups as well as focusing their budget to attract more conversions. 

It was wonderful to see our team pivot their approach and help our client make the best of their budget. By tapping into the power of eCommerce sales, our teams were able to shift a scary business year into a profitable win. Finding clarity in chaos has never been so crucial.


The success of this campaign proves that you don’t need a huge budget to get results. What’s really important is the way you utilize the information at hand. Attention to detail and positive collaboration were the defining factors of this project.

Strength in numbers

Major Tom is dedicated to helping you get the most out of your digital sales strategies. Our Roller Rabbit partnership has been a great example of how eCommerce tracking and data studies can pay off, even in the midst of global uncertainty. Read the official Roller Rabbit case study.

Being a finalist at the Canadian Search Awards validates our commitment to our work, but also our industry resilience in the face of fear. If we work together, we can achieve anything. We’re keeping that thought in our minds as we move through the rest of 2020.

Interested in harnessing your eCommerce power and bringing in record-breaking sales of your own? Major Tom is always looking to create world-class work with great brands. Contact our team of experts located in New York, Toronto, and Vancouver. Otherwise, stay up-to-date with the latest marketing and Major Tom insights by scrolling down and subscribing to our Mercury newsletter now.

Victoria Samways, Marketing & Brand Manager

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