May 14, 2021
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The 4 journeys all Klaviyo users should be using

The 4 journeys all Klaviyo users should be using

Connecting with customers means making communication a priority. One of the most popular-- and most effective-- communication methods you have at your disposal is email marketing. With more than 3.9 billion daily email users and conversion rates being three times higher on email than on social, it’s safe to say your competitors are also present in this market.

With the introduction of email marketing giants such as Klayvio, it’s easier than ever to automate scores of flow campaigns that check-in with your customers at every step of the flywheel. Yet, so much of email marketing falls in the “set-and-forget” category that the once-personalized market is becoming dull and ineffective. 

Outperforming your competitors now means dialing up the personalization and tapping into the unique features that make Klayvio the email marketing powerhouse that it is. Just because it’s automated doesn’t mean it should be robotic. It’s time to bring a human touch back to the inbox.


Humanize your messaging

In order for customers to care about your brand, they have to understand the human side of it.

Make sure your emails are coming from a real person, not some unknown entity. Customers should be able to look up your sender on LinkedIn and see a real photo, a real face. Think of this person as your brand ambassador and use their voice consistently across your messaging. For Larry’s Market, we used owner Ryan Dennis to reinforce the store’s locally owned, community-minded values. 

larrys market website

Next, pay attention to your copy. Is it witty? Does it evoke emotion? 

When you begin, Klayvio, prompts you to build out a series of lists and campaigns. You may have created an abandoned cart campaign, a win-back campaign, and a number of lead-nurturing pieces. This means you would have produced four or five emails, each with a follow-up, which comes out to sixteen templates built. 

The temptation is to do this quickly and get your campaigns off the ground. But, each of these emails is a potential sale, and it’s important to think about the quality of this content before pushing send. If you haven’t already, consider hiring a professional copywriter to create unique CTA’s, body copy, and catchy subject lines. 

Likewise, your header images are the first line-of-sight when a user opens your email. These images should be clear on all devices, spark emotion with your audience, and relate to the piece’s content. If you need to create twelve separate header images, so be it. 

Sync your Klayvio lists with Facebook and Google

Target your existing and incoming customers with greater accuracy by setting up your Klayvio account to communicate with your paid Facebook and Google campaigns.

Let's say customer A is a longtime supporter of your business; they’ve purchased a product from you more than ten times and they consistently respond to your advertising. If you have a new product coming out or an exciting feature update you want to promote, customer A is an excellent candidate. You can use your Klayvio VIP list to send them directed ads about that new product or updates to their social channels

You can also use your lost-deal list to reach out to customer B, who may have abandoned their cart a few weeks ago, and push discounts or promotional codes to re-engage them with your brand. You can even pinpoint customers that Klayvio knows you may soon lose and get a jump on your win-back campaign even sooner. 

Merge product catalogs for added personalization

Thanks to artificial intelligence, Klayvio knows what your customers are shopping for and what they add to their carts. It can also determine products they may like based on personalized data tracking. 

With Shopify and Woocommerce integrations, you can instruct Klayvio to log into your product database. From there, it can target user-signals, such as gender, location, and order history, to recommend similar products directly in your email template. 

larrys market product list example

The AI will populate popular products in a dynamic product feed, or you can use personalized recommendations to tailor the products to your customer’s needs. Inserting products is straightforward and customizable, so you can always edit the AI suggestions based on what you know about your customers.

Remember that the bigger your customer database, the more refined this tool will be. So get to work building up your email list to better serve your marketing tech. 

Grow your email list, improve your sales

Larry’s Market Klayvio integration brings them around $1,600 per week in sales. Annually, that’s over $80,000 they simply weren’t making before.

These gains are possible because of their strong email list and a commitment to unique, personalized messaging that keeps the needs of the consumer top-of-mind. 

If you’re struggling to make your email marketing campaigns count, ask yourself how you’re acknowledging your customers throughout their life cycles and what are you doing to bring them deeper into your ecosystem. If need be, call in the experts.

Improving your email lists, paying attention to personalization, and leveraging the tools you’re already using may be your ticket to an additional $100k+ to your annual revenue. 


Chris Breikss, Founding Partner

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