August 16, 2022
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11 Best Vancouver eCommerce Agencies

11 Best Vancouver eCommerce Agencies

Finding the best eCommerce marketer in Vancouver can be overwhelming. How do you choose when there are so many options? It helps to have a friend in the industry who knows. 

As digital marketing veterans with headquarters in Vancouver, we can recommend the agencies we know, love, and trust. And, of course, we won’t be doing anything so gauche as recommending ourselves — we’re probably number one in your hearts already. But we do offer a number of eCommerce services to ensure your full eCommerce ecosystem is well looked after. 

We’re big believers in a well-matched and intentional client and agency partnership. This means we’re selective in who we work with — and we believe you should be too. This way, your agency can meet your needs and you, theirs. 

Here are the 11 best eCommerce agencies in Vancouver: 

Thrive Digital

Thrive Digital has an extraordinary reputation in digital performance marketing. In part, it comes from their excellent results with paid media campaigns but, it also comes from their company culture. Much like us, Thrive values collaborating with their clients and approaches all challenges and opportunities with an ego-less attitude. 

Thrive is specialized — meaning they will do great things for you in the paid ad campaign field and provide optimal analytics on your eCommerce performance. But, they will not build you an eCommerce site or create content for you. 

Noise Digital

Noise Digital announced their Shopify Plus partnership in 2021, stating “when data analytics meets e-commerce…big things happen.” Noise is a data-based agency who helps “brands unlock the power of their data to drive performance marketing and digitally transform their business.” They’ve been a well-loved Vancouver agency since 1998, providing brands with strategy, technology consulting, and agency services.


Engine Digital

Engine Digital is one-part digital consultancy and one-part design and engineering. Even though they aren’t exactly eCommerce marketers, they’re doing some very cool things, from creating sites from scratch that serve the customer while smashing their clients’ sales goals to “developing an approach to content management that would eliminate the distribution gap” and get pertinent, up-to-date information to MasterCard’s global internal team. So, technically they’re more like an incredible dev shop but their work hits the right marks, so we are considering them one of the best eCommerce marketers in Vancouver.

Idea Rebel

Idea Rebel is a full-service digital agency that creates sophisticated eCommerce builds. They provide “eCommerce solutions that focus on data-driven personalization.” And, mention it’s because of their incredible team and excellent technologies that they keep clients like Quiksilver, Prana and Keurig enjoying year-over-year growth. Idea Rebel also prides themselves on thinking differently, being environmentally friendly, and using technology to drive their ideas.


Soulpepper is another tried and trusted Vancouver eCommerce company that specializes in search engine marketing, SEO and web design for eCommerce and lead generation businesses. They can help you get found online and make the most of your investment.

Backbone Digital

Backbone Digital knows their tech. They’re a one-stop shop for your digital eCommerce needs. Backbone thrives at the business intersection of strategy, design, and technology. They service business of all levels — so whether you’re a startup or an enterprise, you can trust Backbone to take care of your shop.


A Shopify Plus agency, Iamota knows their way around an eCommerce strategy. They’ve helped brands like Vessi, Kal Tire, and Manitoba Harvest up their eCommerce game. One thing we love about them is how they live their values — they’re clearly defined on their About Us page, keeping Iamota accountable to themselves and to their clients.

Brand Camp

Brand Camp are newer kids on the block, but they’ve been proving their worth year-over-year with great returns and happy clients. Plus, if your budget or needs aren’t quite at the custom dev shop-level, Brand Camp is a popular eCommerce solution for marketers looking to get started in this space.

Northern Commerce

Northern Commerce has been named one of “Canada’s Top Growing Companies” by the Globe and Mail’s Report on Business for the second year in a row. They’re headquartered in London, Ontario but have a satellite location in Vancouver. Northern follows a similar process to ours — a popular eCommerce solutions for marketers. Their 5-phased approach follows these steps: 

  1. Learn 
  2. Diagnostic and analysis 
  3. Strategy and solutions 
  4. Implementation 
  5. Measure and optimize 

Their work within the eCommerce sphere covers the full spectrum of business needs, including custom CMS, packaging design and shipping execution, and ‘glocal’ — global reach, local targeting — strategies.

Rno1 (Revolve)

Revolve is a subscription-based agency. They operate with month-to-month commitments with their clients. Essentially, you pay for a block of hours and Revolve uses that time frame to better your business. They work with everyone from startups and lifestyle, to eCommerce and enterprise brands. Revolve prides itself on being able to turn things around, fast — and without scope-creep. They offer eCommerce brands rapid prototyping amongst other services, like digital strategy and guidelines, industry or consumer research, and design.

Rainy Town

Rainy Town is another design house, offering top tier eCommerce web design focused on SEO optimization and UX. Rainy Town has worked with Magento, Drupal, WordPress, and also executed print ads. They have a 4-phased approach dedicated to the design and development of your site. It follows these steps: 

  1. Research - Planning 
  2. Theming - Functions 
  3. Testing - Training 
  4. Digital Strategy

Put in the research before you hire

The more you know, the better prepared you are — especially when considering how to choose the right digital marketing agency. Finding the right agency first saves you a headache in the long run — firing your digital marketing agency isn’t fun, but is sometimes a necessary evil. 

Still asking yourself, “who is the best eCommerce marketer in Vancouver?” or “what am I actually trying to solve by hiring an eCommerce marketer?” Then, contact Major Tom. We can help.

Sean Robinson, Copywriter

The comfort zone is the most dangerous place to be in.

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