February 8, 2022
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A guide to HubSpot consulting: Cost, value, and what to expect

A guide to HubSpot consulting: Cost, value, and what to expect

HubSpot is a massive platform with a lot of moving parts. While it is an incredibly powerful tool for streamlining prospect journeys, if you aren't using it to its full potential, it can be a huge drain on resources. Businesses looking to improve their HubSpot knowledge, simplify the delivery of information, and improve customer relations, may be considering HubSpot consulting services.

As with any major business decision, consulting services need to prove ROI. You want to partner with a team that is experienced, knowledgeable, and has the resources to help you improve processes within your business quickly.

Major Tom is a HubSpot partner agency with a 5/5 rating. We have been helping businesses of every size and industry unlock the potential of HubSpot for years. We are a team of HubSpot certified consultants, developers and designers that work with our clients to design customized strategies for success on all levels - from sales and marketing through to customer service.

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HubSpot consulting pricing

The end price of HubSpot consulting will hinge on a variety of factors, For example:

  • Your internal technical abilities
  • Frequency and length of consulting sessions
  • Level of strategic support needed

HubSpot’s internal consulting services can range from $300-$1,500 per month, depending on the scope and objectives of your project. These services are often similar to the HubSpot training options available through HubSpot Academy and may lack the detail you get when working with a dedicated agency. 

If you’re looking to go the agency route, the HubSpot Partner Directory can help you connect with an agency that fits your scope and niche. Users can filter search by budget, but remember, the higher the tier the higher the price.

At Major Tom, we offer project-based and retainer-based pricing for HubSpot consulting services. The cost of each project will vary depending on the size and scope of your business. Similarly, the amount of HubSpot packages you hold (CRM, CMS, Operations, etc.), the level of your plan (Standard, Enterprise, Sales, Marketing), will affect your end price.

As well, if you are migrating over to HubSpot or using the platform for the first time,  there’s usually a bigger upfront project that needs to be tackled first before we move into a retainer agreement.

When pricing a HubSpot consulting project, we perform a gap analysis to see which pieces of the marketing automation strategy are missing or needs improvement. From there, the costs are determined per need. Every project is a custom solution based on the specific needs of the client. That being said, there are certain patterns and economies of scale. Our pricing generally starts at $2,500 per month and can be adjusted from there based on the services needed. 

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What affects the value of this service?

Like any service, HubSpot consulting is not a one-size-fits-all fix. You need a diverse team with dedicated experience, strong resources, and the ability to scale their talents to any size of business. The value of any service is determined by the needs of your business, and the power of the team you bring on board.

At a minimum, the agency you work with should be a HubSpot partner. HubSpot partners go through a rigorous training process as well as ongoing support and development. The agency you choose should also be able to show a history of success with clients who have faced similar challenges.

The agency should be able to show that they've worked with several other HubSpot customers who have been successful at achieving their goals as well as maintaining those systems long-term.  Finally, look for an agency that offers full transparency into HubSpot consulting pricing so you can make sure you're within your budget.


What challenges come up in the process?

The number one challenge we face is usually the lack of great content to plug into the customer journey. This is why we like to create customer journey maps first to help determine the final costs. Once we have a clear understanding of the requirements and how we can help, we then create a proposal.

In addition, it's important that our clients understand the full HubSpot ecosystem before we can determine how many hours and resources to invest. This is where our HubSpot assessment comes into play. 

Maybe you're currently only using the Sales features, but have yet to integrate them into your marketing funnels. Maybe you're already using marketing automation, but don't have a lead scoring system that defines an "engaged" prospect. Maybe you just need help training your sales team on the proper ways to use HubSpot. In any case, we'll work with you to create custom proposals for each engagement. This will ensure your project is both priced and delivered according to your needs.

The true value of HubSpot consulting is ROI

HubSpot consultants learn your business systems inside and out. They tackle technical as well as business issues and understand how to get your processes, marketing campaigns, and lead generation to work together.

What we bring is a holistic approach that’s driven by real data and proven results. It's not about the number of leads or opportunities created but rather their effectiveness in closing deals. We want to prove the value of your marketing spend and show you what channels are generating ROI so that we can continue to scale those strategies. The end result? A full-power HubSpot system that maximizes revenue potential.

What makes Major Tom's HubSpot consulting services unique?

The way we differentiate ourselves from other HubSpot partner agencies or consultants is that we’re not uniquely a HubSpot agency. While we are a HubSpot Enterprise user and HubSpot Gold Partner, our expertise is integrating marketing and advertising campaigns as well as lead generation into your HubSpot installation. Our goal is always to be able to prove the value of a potential customer so that you can learn and scale the right marketing channels.

As consultants, we look for ways to automate tasks so prospects can help themselves, thereby reducing administration for sales and marketing teams. This helps bring in qualified prospects with less friction or costs.

We are also thinking beyond the lead and how we can better provide sales enablement solutions. We aim to streamline the transition from marketing to sales, to winning a customer and what information and content need to be delivered to them at every step of the process. We then combine that with expert tracking and analytics to prove or disprove those marketing theories. 

Ready to get started? Major Tom offers flexible HubSpot consulting pricing in project-based and retainer-based packages. We can help you implement systems, processes and workflows that automate tasks to deliver a better-informed prospect. Contact us to learn more.

Hannah Macready, Digital Marketing Copywriter

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