March 26, 2024
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Golf, growth, and giving back

Golf, growth, and giving back

If you're reading this, you're probably at the Maple Leaf Junior Golf Tour (MJT) event. Welcome! We're thrilled to have you join us in celebrating not just a sport we love, but a future we're excited to shape together.

Why golf, and why MJT?

At Major Tom, we're all about reaching for the stars, whether it's in the digital realm or on the green. Our passion for golf extends beyond the office and into the heart of communities and competitions like the MJT.

Here's why we're proud sponsors:

A shared passion for excellence: Golf is more than a game to us. It's a reflection of the precision, strategy, and forward-thinking we apply in our work at Major Tom. Having our kids participate in golf events like the MJT allows us to connect with our passion on a deeper level, supporting young athletes who embody the same dedication to excellence that drives us every day. (While we ourselves swing the clubs at the annual NABS and ABCOM golf tournament.)

Investing in the future: By sponsoring the MJT, we're not just supporting a golf tournament; we're investing in the future leaders of both the sport and our communities. We believe in providing opportunities for young talents to shine, learn, and grow. It's about creating a space where the next generation can develop their skills, just as we cultivate innovation and creativity in the digital marketing world.

Building connections: Today, as you walk the course and cheer on these incredible young athletes, you're part of a community that values hard work, respect, and perseverance. Major Tom is proud to stand with you in supporting an event that brings us all together, united by our love for golf and our belief in the potential of every participant.

Join us beyond the green

Our journey doesn't end at the 18th hole. Just as we're committed to supporting the MJT and the golfing community, we're dedicated to pioneering the future of digital marketing. From strategic planning to innovative solutions, we're here to help brands launch to new heights.

Thank you for being part of this special day at the MJT. We hope you enjoy the tournament as much as we do supporting it. And if you want to chat, Chris is likely to be nearby with his son Truman.

Chris Breikss, Founding Partner

Obstacles are like asteroids. Shoot 'em down and let's go to the moon.

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