June 21, 2022
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Job hunting? Your pocket guide to agency life at Major Tom

Job hunting? Your pocket guide to agency life at Major Tom

Are you looking to find your place in the future of digital marketing? We have great news: Major Tom is hiring!

We’re an ambitious, culture-forward agency that works to shift how brands worldwide think of digital marketing. To do that, we require top talent from across Canada and the US. If you're looking to make the next big jump in your career, this is your chance to join your fellow digital experts and produce show-stopping work every day.

Of course, you're probably wondering, "why should I take my talents to Major Tom?" What sets us apart from every other digital agency that talks a big game about its work? And, sure, you've read the job description, but what does life on the Major Tom team actually have to offer?

Consider this your cheat sheet. Answers to questions that we’ve all asked as past Major Tom hires — and your window into what makes our agency a truly special place to work.

The (space) elevator pitch

As digital agencies go, Major Tom is an experienced bunch. We’ve been in business for 21 years (we even celebrated a pandemic birthday of our own), and yes, digital marketing was a very different place when we started. Seeing those changes firsthand is part of why we can bring unmatched industry experience and insight to our projects. 

Over that time, Major Tom has spread across North America, growing into a group of 71 specialists, and counting. We’ve had to rethink how we build our team — with experts spanning a growing list of digital services. Web development, marketing, media strategy, creative services, and more. 

That range of talent is what elevates our approach as an agency. We’re always ready with the tactics to execute on our clients’ vision, and bring big-picture strategic thinking to the table as well.

To do that, we depend on clients that are true partners. Brands who buy in for the long haul and trust us to innovate, together. What does that mean? Take a look: 


That collaboration is at the heart of Major Tom’s mission: bringing great people and great brands together. 

So, what does that mean for you?

Out-of-this-world talent, anywhere and everywhere

You might have noticed that our new positions are open to applicants across Canada and the US. What gives? 

Well, top talent isn’t isolated to any one city or coast. We hire accordingly. 

Outside of our offices in Vancouver, Toronto, and New York, there are Major Tommers in Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg and a host of other cities across North America. A recent addition to our Social Media team even joined us during an extended stay outside of North America!

In other words, if you have the skills for our team, we’re happy to work with you — wherever you are.

That means we don’t mandate time in the office, although we’re always happy to see you there. Work lunches, office socials, and ditching Zoom for a face-to-face are great, but we’ve also learned to make the most of work from home…with a little help from the cast of The Office.

The occasional remote working vacation in Mexico doesn’t hurt, either.

major tom in mexico

Launching your career into the stratosphere

Major Tom also cares about your career development, wherever you want it to go. 

Take April, our Group Director of Account Services — and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Lead. April joined Major Tom as an intern fresh out of BCIT, and worked with the agency to nurture her skillset and responsibilities as she grew into her group director role.

(Looking for a similar start? See what our intern experience looks like today!)

We’ve also had old teammates return to take the next step in their careers, like Scott, who joined Major Tom as a Paid Search Strategist before returning and earning a promotion to Lead, Paid Search.

Stories like April and Scott’s don’t happen in a vacuum. As part of the Major Tom team, you have access to training and support like:

  • LinkedIn Learning courses and monthly challenges
  • Our employee-led committees 
  • Allotted time for professional development
  • Lunch and Learns covering a range of topics

We know that the more you learn as an employee, the better our whole team becomes. 

major toms committees list

Keeping your feet on the ground 

Of course, we care about YOU, too. At Major Tom, our people are just as important as the work we produce.

If you’ve heard horror stories about #agencylife, you might be a little skeptical about that. Maybe you have questions about our overtime policy (we don’t encourage it), working hours (they’re flexible — our team’s a mix of early birds and late risers), or how we approach that all-important work-life balance. 

The short answer? It’s a big priority. 

But don’t take our word for it — check out a story from Kate, our SEO Account Strategist and a working parent who’s as passionate about family time as she is about her career. 

Or, listen to one team member’s story about signing on just before an upcoming maternity leave:

“My journey to Major Tom was a bit unique - I was connected to the hiring team before my position was determined! My skills aligned with a few openings at Major Tom, so I met with the team to discuss my background and my goals for the future. 

Everyone I met with was so kind, welcoming, and thoughtful. I immediately felt connected to the team and Major Tom's values, and knew that it was an opportunity I couldn't pass up. 

The role I accepted was Senior Account Strategist, and it was the perfect alignment of my skills and goals for future growth. I also took a 2 month maternity leave a few months after joining, and the team was extremely supportive. I've been with Major Tom for almost a year now, and am forever grateful that my path crossed with Major Tom when it did. It keeps getting better and better!"

Helping team members find that balance isn’t just the right thing to do; it makes sense for our business. 

After all, we know that overwork and burnout don’t bring the best out of anyone. That’s why we also offer Major Tom dot Calm, an extensive Wellness Program that helps the team destress, focus, and maintain healthy habits both in and outside of the office. That includes weekly meditations led by Kari, Major Tom’s Employee Experience Lead and a certified yoga instructor who keeps us grounded, limbered up, and ready to deliver quality work. Take a glimpse on TikTok of what she treated us to for International Yoga Day 2022.


Leading with our values

We’re also always striving to make our agency a more welcoming, inclusive space. And to use our work to make an impact we can be proud of. 

The foundation of all Major Tom’s work is based on our five core values:

  • Have an adaptable attitude
  • Own your impact
  • Bring a curious mind
  • Be a plus person
  • Lead with a humble heart 

They drive everything that we do, whether we’re discovering new solutions to help our clients evolve, or rolling with the punches of pandemic shutdowns. See more of our values in action on our Careers page.covid-19-core-values

They follow us outside of our client work, too. When we attend events like the Brand Battle for Good, for example. There, Major Tommers joined Vancouver’s most innovative and socially responsible brands to tackle the impending challenges of climate change.

Our passionate Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion committee also help both the agency and our team members build a more inclusive workplace. 

They’ve arranged for presentations from speakers like Annie Battiste (an educational specialist in anti-racism, treaty education, and Indigenous education) and the Inclusive Communication Agency AndHumanity, who challenged us to get substantive about DEI in marketing.

We know that inclusivity at Major Tom is an ongoing process, which is why we approach our DEI work as an ongoing — and honest — discussion, rather than policy that’s set in stone. 


The interview process

Alright. So you’re ready to take the plunge, you’ve submitted a killer application, and you want to know what actually comes next.

Once you’re shortlisted as a qualified candidate, one of our HR reps will reach out to you to schedule a phone interview. They’ll discuss the coming process, who you’ll be meeting, and be available to answer any outstanding questions about the role. Then, you’ll have either a Zoom or in-person interview with the department’s hiring manager. This interview is less of a formality and more of a chance for you to get to know us. We’ll ask you culture-fit-specific questions and give you space to ask us anything you’d like. 

Depending on the position you’re applying for, the hiring manager may conduct a follow-up task-based interview. Once you’ve passed with flying colors (we know you will), the HR department will offer you a position on the team. Then, it’s on to onboarding.

Your first week on the job

Your first week as a new hire starts with our remote onboarding, which has seen a major upgrade to keep pace with the new world of work from home. We know that getting to know your new teammates through a computer screen can be a little intimidating, which is why you’ll start out with meet-and-greets, training, orientation, and everything you need to feel at home at Major Tom — wherever you’re joining us from. onboarding remote-1

Any questions we haven’t covered? We’re always happy to chat through the details, and you can get in touch through, or on any of our socials. Or, if you’re ready to get started, drop on by our careers page to find your perfect fit.  

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