October 26, 2022
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Major Tom wins Best Use of Data at the Corporate Content Awards

Major Tom wins Best Use of Data at the Corporate Content Awards

The right data — paired with the right story — makes all the difference when you’re building an impactful marketing campaign. It helps you understand your audience, craft an approach that will resonate with them, and put it in the right places at the right time to hit home.

At Major Tom, we’re big believers in the power of data. That’s why we’re absolutely honored to have won gold in the 2022 Corporate Content Awards, Use of Data Category, alongside our client Teck Resources

The power of corporate content

The Corporate Content Awards evaluate and recognize the best in corporate storytelling in North America. 

They look for the impact that unique, memorable campaigns can have on a brand’s marketing efforts. Specifically, they reward companies who effectively connect with their audience across earned, owned, and paid media.

At Major Tom, that’s something we think about all the time.

And when it comes to using data to build compelling content and more efficient campaigns, our work with Teck clearly fit the bill. 

Teck Copper and Health Slider-02-1

Telling an important public health story with Teck

The COVID-19 pandemic created big challenges for practically every business. But Teck had something unique to bring to the table. Copper. 

As one of Canada’s leading mining companies, Teck produces copper alongside other essential materials like zinc, energy, and steelmaking coal. But copper, in particular, is a powerful antimicrobial agent that can reduce the spread of germs and infection. 

If you didn’t know that, you’re not alone. That’s exactly why Teck needed to get the word out. 

They had a material that could help combat infection in both public spaces and healthcare systems, and needed to educate the public on those extremely topical health benefits. 

Teck approached Major Tom and creative house Will Creative, Inc. to spread a simple, critical message:

Copper stops the spread. 

Teck Copper and Health Slider-01-1

Teck Copper and Health Slider-03-1

Putting a multichannel plan into place

Major Tom started by identifying and targeting the priority audiences for Teck’s public health messaging. Making the most of your campaign dollars means understanding how your audience will engage with your brand

After all, even great creative (like the images and video provided by Will Creative) will fall flat if it doesn’t reach the right people at the right time — and your ROAS will suffer as a result. 

For Teck, that meant prioritizing government decision-makers, public health leaders, and the public with a combination of paid channels and out-of-home ad takeovers. This boosted Teck’s reach in key markets while Major Tom worked to optimize each audience based on channel and creative performance. 

Early results were strong enough that Teck extended the three-month campaign for four more months. Along with continuing optimization, Major Tom supported an educational stunt from Will Creative with a paid social video series and poll ads to drive further engagement.   

Teck Resources Copper and Health Social

Achieving award-worthy results

We’re thrilled that our team’s hard work on the Teck account turned into gold medal recognition from the Corporate Content Awards. It’s a validation of the passion that Major Tommers — and the Teck team — bring to their work every day. 

But as with all of our campaigns, the most important results are what our work does for your business. 

Seeing Teck earn over 19k poll votes, 9 million video views, and 165k landing page users over the 7-month campaign was as exciting as the award win itself. That’s true both professionally and as a team dedicated to making a positive public impact.

Building audience impact for your brand

Major Tom’s work on The Copper & Health campaign joins our record of award-winning, client-focused work across the spectrum of digital marketing and development.  

Still, Major Tom is always looking forward. If you’d like to engage your audience with an important story of your own, we’re ready to help build your next great data-driven campaign.

Sean Robinson, Copywriter

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